#AndNEW: Shayna Baszler Makes History, Four Horsewomen Debut

During WWE Evolution, Shayna Baszler regained the NXT Women’s championship after defeating Kairi Sane. Their matchup saw a number of exchanges between them as either Baszler or Sane attempted to get the better of the other. At times, Baszler had Sane’s arm clutched in such a way that she was being suspended from the top rope off the mat.

In a hard-fought affair, Baszler eventually managed to choke out Sane with the Kojifita clutch. When Baszler initially caught Sane with the hold fans saw a near repeat of their NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV match where Baszler was caught and ended up being pinned. It wasn’t that way at all. With both Baszler and Sane on the outside, Sane threw Baszler over the barricade and into the laps of her friends Marina Sharif and Jessamyn Duke, from the fabled MMA Four Horsewomen group that Baszler and Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey are a part of. As Sane began to get up and get away Duke reached over the barricade and grabbed her by the hair only to be met with an elbow.

The match had a controversial ending as Baszler’s friends and Four Horsewomen allies Marina Sharif and Jessamyn Duke played a role in her capturing of the championship. With an attempted pin attempt by Sane thwarted. Baszler picked up the win when Sane was struck in the head by Duke with the referee unaware of what was happening. Baszler then caught an unsuspecting Sane with the Kojifita clutch, only this time had it so well clinched in that she passed out. The win marks the first time NXT has had a two-time NXT women’s champion.

This could mark the debut of the Four Horsewomen of MMA joining forces in NXT. Both Sharif and Duke have worked NXT house shows but this appears to be their official televised debut with the brand. The women first came together in 2013 while competing in MMA together, with both Ric Flair and Arn Anderson giving them support with them being called the Four Horsewomen. Baszler first entered the WWE Universe, signing with the company after making the finals of the inaugural Mae Young Classic last year, with Ronda Rousey joining the WWE in January of this year. Shafir and Duke were the final components to join the WWE, starting with the WWE Performance Center (and subsequently working NXT Live Events) this past summer.