Preview: SPW NZ Halloween Haunting (10/27/18)

Southern Pro Wrestling New Zealand is coming up on their last show of the year, Halloween Haunting. Following up on their mega show in July, The Southern Rumble, where they hit over 1,200 in attendance at the ILT Stadium on New Zealand’s South Island, SPW has framed up Halloween Haunting’s main event as the final payoff for Kane Khan. Khan will be challenging SPW NZ Heavyweight Champion Will Power for his title, after Khan first earned a shot at the belt at last year’s Halloween Haunting. Also, in a dream match of sorts, Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW)‘s Adam Brooks will be going head to head with former SPW Heavyweight Champion JK Moody. In addition to having the best production value in New Zealand, SPW has also had some of the best booking in the entire Oceanic wrestling scene in the last two years, and Halloween Haunting will be no different.

“Hooligan” Marcus Kool vs. Falcon Kid

Photo: SPWNZ

Kool is coming off of a series of matches in Australia, for Melbourne City Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Australia. The British born Kool will now turn his attention to Falcon Kid, one half of the SPW New Zealand Tag Team Champions, along with Liam Fury. Falcon Kid is a tremendous young talent, and in a few years will be a top guy in the country. His most recent match for IPW New Zealand on the North Island at Pride V Fury was superb, and was some of the best selling in Oceania all year. There will be plenty of high flying in this one, as it is Kid’s specialty and Kool isn’t so bad himself at it. In the end, Kid will get the victory, and propel his team into their next title defense.
Prediction: Falcon Kid

T-Rex vs. Shane Sinclair

Photo: SPWNZ

T-Rex, the former SPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, will have his hands full with Shane Sinclair. Sinclair is on the cusp of breaking out in SPW. He has the right look, right athleticism, and now just needs a few big wins to set himself up to be a major player in the company. A win over one of SPW’s founders would be just the thing. T-Rex will obviously use his power to his adtanvege and try to outmuscle Sinclair, but in the end, expect Sinclair to take advantage of the right situation to score a victory.
Prediction: Shane Sinclai

Down To Fight (Luke Grayson & Wana Fight) vs. Detention (Sky & Ryder) to become the Number One Contender for the SPW NZ Tag Team Championships

Photo: SPWNZ

Down to Fight has had an opportunity for the belts before, but fell short, and are looking to redeem themselves. Detention is a very young team, but under the direction of Professor Palmer, Detention will get the win here. DTF has been in the hunt before, while Detention challenging for the titles would be a fresh championship picture. Look for Palmer to get involved somehow, and for Sky and Ryder to steal this one.
Prediction: Detention

MCW Intercommonwealth Match: Adam Brooks (c) vs. JK Moody

Photo: SPWNZ

The young Moody, one of the best prospects New Zealand has to offer, lost his SPW NZ Heavyweight Championship at the Southern Rumble to Kane Khan in a brutal TLC match, after a nine month reign. He has good character work, and is solid in the ring, and with some more experience, will be a recognizable name in the international indie scene. He recently made his Melbourne City Wrestling debut in a win over Ritchie Taylor. Speaking of debuts, the “Loose Ledge” Adam Brooks is making his debut for SPW here, in a featured match up with one of their top stars. Brooks spent the first eight months of 2018 touring the UK and the USA, and even participated in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles. These two will have the show stealer of the night. Brooks, who recently won the MCW IC title from Slex, will be putting up his newly won title. In the end, Brooks will retain his title—barely—but Moody will be put over huge in the process.
Prediction: Adam Brooks

SPW NZ Heavyweight Championship Match: Will Power (c) vs. Kane Khan

Photo: SPWNZ

This story goes back a year. Kane Khan won a Number One Contender’s match at last year’s Halloween Haunting, the same night that JK Moody, his tag team partner at the time, won the championship. Moody turned on him that night, and their championship match was set for Fight for Gold in March of this year. At that event, Will Power won the Fight for Gold Briefcase (which functions like a Money in the Bank Briefcase) in a ladder match earlier in the night, and attacked both men, ending the match in a No Contest, but didn’t cash in. At the Southern Rumble, Moody and Khan were finally ready to settle their feud in a TLC match, which Khan won. Immediately afterwards, Power cashed in his Fight for Gold Briefcase, and won the title. Later in the evening, Khan won the Southern Rumble Match, earning himself a title shot here at Halloween Haunting. After finally overcoming his former tag team partner, Khan has one more demon to exorcise before he can call himself champion. Khan is a tremendous babyface. He garners excellent reactions from the crowd, and knows just how to connect with them. Power is a good heel, and gets heat, but this match will be Khan’s moment, as he will finally capture what he’s been chasing for a whole year.
Prediction: Kane Khan

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Photo: SPWNZ