Daga to Dragon Gate and Puma King to DDT

Two big Mexican stars are headed to Japan. Former AAA Cruiserweight Champion and star with The Crash Lucha and Major League Wrestling (MLW), Daga will debut for Dragon Gate, while former Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre (CMLL) luchador (and current indie breakout starPuma King will debut for Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) Pro.

Puma King joins Sammy Guevara and Mike Bailey as the only gaijins in the tournament.  King will debuting in Japan, which is a big step-up in his career since leaving the biggest wrestling promotion in Mexico, CMLL, for the indie wrestling scene. Just last week, Puma King appeared on the latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling. The nephew of Negro Casas and brother of Kid Tiger is having a incredible run. He’s been wrestling regularly in Mexico for AAA Worldwide. Moreover, his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla match with Flamita left everybody with their mouth opens. Guevara is currently the AAA Cruiserweight Champion and has established himself as a favorite with his high flying maneuvers in The Crash Lucha Libre, and made his own DDT Pro debut this past summer.

In another Japanese promotion, former Perros del Mal member, Daga will be joining the RED stable in Dragon Gate (the same group that PAC returned to recently). Commanded by Eita, Daga will now be wrestling alongside Yasushi Kanda & KAZMA SAKAMOTO to go against Kagetora, Yosuke Santa Maria, U-T & Kota Minoura on Destiny Gate 2018. This is Daga’s first trip to Japan. The former AAA wrestler and The Crash Lucha Libre wrestler is one of the best technicians in the world, with him recently delivering classics with guys like Hechicero, Matt Riddle and even Dragon Lee & Pete Dunne.

The recent rise of Mexican wrestlers is a testament of the deep pool of talents that surrounds the historic territory. It use to be just one style of wrestling and from CMLL and AAA, but now, there’s a variety of talent exploding in different parts in the world. Good luck to both Daga “The Technical Luchador” and Puma King.