Preview: PCW ULTRA POSSESSED (10/26/18)


On Friday October 26th, PCW ULTRA presents POSSESSED from the ILWU Memorial Hall in Wilmington, California. The event features a stacked card with each of the company’s championships on the line. It will also see the arrival of notable world class athletes from around the sport such as PJ Black, Abyss and Priscilla Kelly. While a number of matches will have title implications, could some of the other matches on the card create future championship opportunities for others? The event is sure to gain a great deal of attention, not just because of the winners and losers but how the stories are told and how it leads to future events. Here is our PCW ULTRA preview for POSSESSED.

Brody King vs. Puma King


The booking of the match could have easily been a case of King vs King as the one to rule the ring, but that isn’t the case. What we have here is a very complex difference in styles as the luchador Puma King faces off against Brody King. The differences between them are far greater than the similarities. Brody stands at over 6’4 inches tall and is nearly 300 lbs, while Puma is much smaller and lighter.

However, the tale of the tape that shouldn’t be ignored, and may, in fact, be the deciding factor, is the experience advantage. While Brody is only three years into his career, Puma has been at this for decades. Although he is more familiar with the luchador style, having competed primarily in Mexico, that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of adapting to Brody and a more American style of competition.

Hammerstone vs Daga


At PCW ULTRA’S last event, Vision Quest, Hammerstone faced current champion Penta El Zero M. Despite coming out on the losing end, he walked away with the champion’s respect. At POSSESSED, Hammerstone will square off with extreme luchador Daga. There will be a clear size difference between the two men, but that shouldn’t play too big of a part. Or should it? While Daga has more experience, will Hammerstone get the better of the veteran with his size and strength?

If we keep in mind he did take the champion to his limit last month, could that learning experience be the difference in this match up? Daga has been in demand, competing for promotions such as Major League Wrestling (MLW) and Mexico’s The Crash Lucha while trying to remain focused on his upcoming matchup. Could other events distract Daga from the goal of walking away as the winner? Or will he remain focused and leave Hammerstone humbled once again?

PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championship: Warbeast (Almighty Sheik Josef & Jacob Fatu) (c) vs. “The Monster” Abyss & Sinn Bohdi

In what should be the most violent match of the night, the PCW ULTRA Tag Team championship is on the line as current champions Warbeast squares off against mirror images of themselves in Abyss and Sinn Bohdi. It has been a big month for Abyss, as he was recently inducted into the TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame. His partner is freak in his own right, as Sinn Bohdi operates Freakshow Wrestling.

Their opponents also bring fearlessness to the ring, and the Almighty Sheik Josef the Midnight Sun, along with Jacob Fatu “The Samoan Werewolf”, who is the cult that is Warbeast, will have their darkest match to date for PCW ULTRA. The match itself will see risks taken and likely a dangerous finish, as Fatu and the Sheik will hold no regard for their own safety, let alone their opponents. The same could be said about Bodhi and Abyss. Will the champions retain or will Abyss walk away with another accolade to add to his collection?

Jake Atlas vs. Marko Stunt vs. Chris Bey vs. Eli Everfly


This four-way match is assured to get all fans on their feet. The reason is simple: all of the entrants consistently display a tireless effort in the ring. Their respective skill sets are not only unmatched but will also result in a number of interesting potential match ups. While the PCW ULTRA fans are familiar with the likes of Atlas, Bey, and Everfly, the match has been enhanced.

The recent addition of the man who is easily the most in-demand independent talent today, Marko Stunt. An exchange between Atlas and Stunt is one that the PCW ULTRA fans in attendance may be the most intrigued by. Though he is the smallest in stature competitor in the matchup, the notoriety he has gained recently will mean he is facing three challengers determined to get the better of him.

PCW ULTRA Light Heavyweight Championship: Shane Strickland (c) vs. Darby Allin


The first match announced for the POSSESSED event, Shane Strickland and Darby Allin will have the opportunity to set the bar for all other matches on the card. They are no strangers to one another, and this match will be something special for all to see. These two have performed before in PCW ULTRA, and continue to be among the biggest reasons for the promotion’s success. For Allin, he is coming off an incredible performance at Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s Battle of Los Angles. This battle between the ‘wrestle boarder‘ and Swerve will likely create a scenario where fans may see things they have never seen before.

PCW ULTRA Women’s Championship: Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Priscilla Kelly


The second match announced for the show was this one between a third-generation athlete and Hell‘s Favorite Harlot. When Tessa Blanchard steps into the ring with Priscilla Kelly, fans will be treated to something very special. These two women have a pedigree and experience, and will often bring fans to their feet. Fans will likely see an incredible story told by these two former Mae Young Classic entrants; Blanchard has been in the inaugural edition while Kelly appeared in this year’s edition of the tournament.

When they step into the ring to face one another in front of the PCW ULTRA crowd, it will be a hard-hitting affair that will see an array of kicks, chops, and punches. Could Blanchard’s title reign be in jeopardy, or will she once again reign supreme as the PCW ULTRA women’s champion?

PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship: Penta El Zero M (c) vs. PJ Black


As the latest man to challenge for the PCW ULTRA Championship, PJ Black will bring a fun and exciting dynamic to his match up against Penta El Zero M. These two are no stranger to one another, as they have crossed paths during their time on Lucha Underground. Black’s challenge should produce something that isn’t seen too often, lucha style versus the American/European model of technical/high flier.

These two should mesh well with one another, leading to some interesting scenarios and sequences taking place. Fans will likely see Penta El Zero M retain the championship, but that isn’t a certainty; Black could be the one that slows down the steam that Penta has. Could it happen? Fans will have to watch the event to find out the result.

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