Preview: DEFY Wrestling Dia De Los Muertos (10/27/18)

On Saturday, October 27th, DEFY Wrestling presents Dia De Los Muertos. The day of the dead for DEFY is a few days early, and four days before Halloween. But it looks to be a most frightening event as those involved have a sense of intrigue and mystery about them. Imports to the promotion such as Flamita, Bandito and Rey Fenix are among the notable names that will have fans on their feet throughout the evening. It should also be noted that Shane “SWERVE” Strickland will be defending his DEFY Wrestling championship against the hottest talent in the Pacific Northwest, the baddest man in professional wrestling. Who will walk away as the winners at this event and who simply won’t walk away? Here is the DEFY Wrestling preview for Dia De Los Muertos.

Artemis Spencer vs Rey Fenix

Photo: DEFY

One half of the Lucha Brothers takes on longtime DEFY Wrestling superstar Artemis Spencer in a match that should turn heads. These two men bring something unique and different to the ring. Fans should be familiar with Fenix, as the luchador is well traveled, and competes on television both in the United States and Mexico. Those unfamiliar with Artemis Spence may not know that this 15-year veteran has demonstrated versatility both as the tag team and singles wrestler. While he has captured championships in the past, it has been a few years since he held a title. The biggest difference between the two may be the frequency of competition since Spencer does not wrestle as frequently as Fenix.

MJF vs. Randy Myers

Photo: DEFY

The arrogant Maxwell Jacob Friedman takes on the “Ravenous” Randy Myers in a match that is sure to provide a very different feel. Those that have seen Myers in the ring or on the mic are aware that he pushes buttons in his opponents in a manner that makes things awkward. The egomaniacal MJF, who loves to use the mic to antagonizing opponents and the fans in attendance, is so full of himself that it could be his undoing in this match. Fans are assured that this generation’s Adrian Adonis will do whatever is necessary to get MJF off his game. Will he cause MJF to lose track of what he’s supposed to do in that ring? Or will those mind games lead to nothing in the end? MJF will have to overcome the challenge that Myers presents in his return to DEFY.

Brody King vs. Jeff Cobb

Photo: DEFY

What do you get when you pit the reigning Battle of Los Angeles winner, Ring of Honor television champion and new PWG World Champion against one half of Violence Unlimited? The answer is a match for the ages. A battle that has never happened one-on-one, King and Cobb will square off against one another, showcasing their strength agility and mobility. They are not strangers to one another, having faced each other as part of multi-man matches, but this is their first one-on-one encounter. DEFY Wrestling fans are all too familiar with both men; King has been a part of a number of big matches within the promotion, and this one is no different. Cobb holds the experience advantage, but King has a height advantage.

DEFY Tag Team Championship Match: Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago) (c) vs. MexiBlood (Flamita & Bandito)

This marks the first time these two luchadors will compete in Defy. It will be a grand affair as they challenge the current DEFY Tag team champions, American Gunz. At last month’s DEFY Seattle Wrestling Club, the Gunz became the champions, and are now in a position where they put their titles on the line against two men that aren’t familiar with. Will the difference in styles means a tough night for the champions, or will familiarity between teammates be what leads to a win for the Gunz? Don’t miss this exciting tag team championship match!

DEFY Championship Match: Shane Strickland (c) vs. SCHAFF

Photo: DEFY

After earning credibility facing the likes of WALTER, among others, the baddest man in professional wrestling, SCHAFF, will step into the ring with the current DEFY wrestling champion in Strickland. The matchup is certainly going to be a contrast in styles. Strickland brings a great aerial attack, whereas SCHAFF is much stronger and likes to showcase his size and strength to the DEFY Wrestling faithful. Regardless of the result, the fact this match is taking place suggests that SCHAFF has quickly become the most recognized man in DEFY Wrestling, and continues to be seen as a legitimate threat in the promotion.

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