Garza Jr. Gets A Second Chance To Sign With WWE In 2019

The Crash Lucha Libre luchador and La Revolucion Amarilla leader Garza Jr. is still not a sure signing for WWE. The cousin of NXT superstar Humberto Carrillo will get a second medical evaluation in his shoulder in 2019. The news came through an article in an Mexican magazine in which Garza Jr. was interviewed. Garza’s shoulder had over 20 injuries, which made WWE rethink signing the promising star.

Many fans expected Garza Jr. to report with WWE in December or in the start of January. Many reports affirmed that Garza was a sure thing with WWE, since his cousin, the former Ultimo Ninja, was already wrestling in NXT TV. But, Dave Meltzer reported there wasn’t a signing because of medical issues. Last week we reported about his hair vs. hair mask against La Revolucion Amarilla member Bestia 666 in The Crash’s 5th Anniversary show.

In an statement to Pásala magazine, Garza Jr explains his situation with the world’s biggest wrestling promotion:

“The WWE is not used to giving second chances, but I already had a meeting with them and they are going to do a final medical check of the shoulder, there they will decide, if I am recovered to the percentage they want, they will see me working there , but I simply return to Mexico to continue giving it.”

Moreover, Garza Jr. confirms the rumors that WWE is looking for other big Mexican names (which was rumored months back with the Lucha Brothers):

“The doors are still open with WWE, I do not know where people got that everything was finished, in fact they are after several Mexicans. The only thing that is stopping me is my injury, they have told me that they are interested. It’s all about the doctor, if he says I can work, I can be complying with the trainings I’ll go there “

Garza is expected to get the second medical in early 2019, and if his passes the test, he will likely be signed. Garza was out for at least five months because of shoulder injuries, but he is now one of the main faces of The Crash, with his Revolucion Amarilla group being the main heel stable.