#AndNEW: Ultimo Guerrero Wins CMLL World Heavyweight Championship

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One of Mexico’s favorite rudo, Ultimo Guerrero, keeps obtaining gold in his home promotion, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. One third of the CMLL World Trios Champion, Guerrero beat Diamante Azul to win the vacant CMLL World Heavyweight Championship.

Last week, in the historic Arena Mexico, Ultimo Guerrero and Diamante Azul beat stars like Rush, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Volcano, Valiente, Euforia, Blue Panther Jr., Valiente and Kraneo to classify for this week’s title bout. The match went for two out of three falls, with the veteran hitting his Guerrero Special on Diamante Azul for the win.

Guerrero has been having a great month. He regained his CMLL World Trios Champion, when him, Euforia & Gran Guerrero beat El Cl4N in the main event of Arena Mexico. He then got to the finals of the International Grand Prix, before losing to Michael Elgin. Later, next week, he would avenge his lost by beating Elgin in one of the best matches in Mexico this year.

Ultimo Guerrero Is On A Role

Photo: CMLL

This is Guerrero’s second World Heavyweight Championship. He was a simultaneous title holder just recently. Caristico had beaten him for the NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship. Moreover, he lost his Trios title to the Cibernetico team El CL4N back at Aniversario 85. Now, with this victory, the holds the World Heavyweight Championship and the World Trios Championship with his Guerreros Laguneros. An interesting fact on Guerrero’s reign – as Lucha Blog explains – he has had more years in his career as champion (9.1) than as singles wrestler without a title (6.6).

Many fans hoped for a younger talent, like Rush or Diamante Azul to win the title. The championship was previously held by a foreigner, Marcos Corleone (former WCW and WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak), so it made sense to have a young hot star to hold a title that has been losing prestige to the other championships in CMLL. Guerrero has a big week coming up, as he is scheduled to fight with El CL4N in a steel cage match. Fans are hoping that the match is on the Dia de los Muertos show.