Preview: PWA Colosseum (10/20/18)

Pro Wrestling Australia, in Sydney, New South Wales, is one of the leading promotions in the entire country. It was home to the Australian match of the year between Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles at their last show, Call to Arms. Now, they have their next event, Colosseum, built around an eight person, single elimination tournament, featuring some of the best Australia has to offer, including the recently returned Kyle Fletcher from Aussie Open, the tag team that made its name in the UK. Also offering a couple of star studded multi person matches, Colosseum is looking to be one of the best Aussie shows of the year.

Three Way Match: Jude London vs. Mat Rodgers vs. Mat Diamond

If you like creative, high flying spots, this is the match for you. London, of the tag team Velocities, has demonstrated he is one of the premier flyers in the country, and adds something special to every match he’s in. Likewise, Rodgers isn’t to be underestimated, and will play the de facto bully in this match, being the biggest competitor in this match. Diamond is one of the most underrated wrestlers in Australia. Everything he does looks good, his offense is exciting, and he builds his matches well. Look for Diamond to get the win here. If this card weren’t so stacked, this would be the pick for the show stealer.
Prediction: Mat Diamond

Four Way Match: Marcus Kool vs. Madison Eagles vs. Michael Spencer vs. SnapChad

Photo: PWA

Marcus Kool, the British-born New Zealand resident, has begun working in Australia more and more. He was victorious in his return to Melbourne City Wrestling at New Horizons, and now steps into a PWA ring. Madison Eagles is the face of women’s wrestling in Australia. Having represented her country in both SHIMMER and CHIKARA, Eagles is one of the best known Australian wrestlers on the indie scene. She’s also one of the top technical wrestlers in the country, as she demonstrated in her last match for PWA against Shazza McKenzie. Majin Michael Spencer is a very crisp wrestler, with beautiful high spots, and venomous knee strikes. SnapChad, formerly an associate of Unsocial Jordan, and a member of SMS, is on a bit of a sojourn now, with the group essentially disintegrating, and is looking to find his new path in PWA, and a win here would be huge for his momentum. This match will be fantastic, plain and simple.
Prediction: Michael Spencer

Colosseum Tournament First Round Match: Damian Slater vs. Mick Moretti

Photo: PWA

Damian Slater has been all over Australia lately, working Perth, Adelaide, and now Sydney. He participated in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic a few years ago, and is one of the best technical wrestlers on the country. He’s crisp and tight in the ring, and is wise with his psychology. Mick Moretti is criminally underrated. His character is a little bonkers, which is fun, but he’s so solid in the ring, and routinely has good matches. Both men are one half of the tag team champions in their home promotions, but in this singles match, Slater will go over. He doesn’t visit Sydney terrible often, so when he does, they’ll want to get the most out of him.
Prediction: Damien Slater

Colosseum Tournament First Round Match: Kellyanne vs. Paris De Silva

Photo: PWA

Kellyanne is one of the top performers in Victoria, and also made her mark in North America, wrestling in Canada, USA, and Mexico. Paris De Silva is one of the top high flyers in New South Wales, and is one half of the tag team Velocities, alongside Jude “The Dude” London. Kellyanne’s blend of technical wrestling and brawling style, also incorporates great high spots, including a cannonball in the corner. These two will work a creative match, and will no doubt have some memorable spots, but in the end, Kellyanne will take the cake, and outmaneuver the tag team specialist.
Prediction: Kellyanne

Colosseum Tournament First Round Match: Jack Bonza vs. AJ Istria

Photo: PWA

Jack Bonza is a regular for PWA and one half of their tag team champions, along with Mick Moretti. Sturdy and strong, he’ll bring a rough and tough style into the ring with AJ Istria. Istria is one of the most underrated performers in Australia. As his star begins to rise, both in Adelaide and now in Sydney’s largest promotion, he’s getting more and more recognition. His shoot-style is a breath of fresh air, and adds a different dynamic to any match he’s in. He’ll get the win here, and continue to prove himself as he makes more and more of a name for himself
Prediction: AJ Istria

Colosseum Tournament First Round Match: Unsocial Jordan vs. Kyle Fletcher

Photo: PWA

Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open, is in the middle of a return tour of his home country. He’s made his name in the UK in that tag team, and wrestled his first match back in the country last week for Wrestle Rampage in Adelaide, South Australia. Unsocial Jordan has, in storyline, distanced himself from his former faction, SMS, and has broken out on his own. Fletcher, formerly InstaGraham, is a former member of SMS, coming full circle for Fletcher, and having a chance to beat on the heel with whom he used to work. This will be a homecoming of sorts for Fletcher, and look for him to get the win here, to the glee of the crowd.
Prediction: Kyle Fletcher

Semi-Finals and Finals

There will three more matches on the evening, the two semi-finals match ups and the finals, all pending on the previous matches in the tournament. In the end, AJ Istria will win the Colosseum Tournament. His name value is only looking up, and his in ring style backs up a top position in PWA. He’ll be a fresh talent to mix up on the top of the card, and winning a single elimination tournament would be just the thing to place him in that position. Expect Istria to win the tournament, and to immediately begin chasing Cave Man Ugg’s PWA Heavyweight Championship afterwards.
Prediction: AJ Istria