The Latest on CMLL: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Michael Elgin, Día de los Muertos schelude

Grand Prix winner and former IWGP Intercontinental Champion Michael Elgin tore the house down last Friday in Arena Mexico for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. The Canadian went against the legendary Ultimo Guerrero in a match that will likely go down as one of the best of 2018 in Mexico.

If you want to see a really hot and emotional crowd, last Friday’s CMLL Arena Mexico show will deliver. The main event between Elgin and Guerrero presented a panoramic view on why Mexican wrestling is so special. Guerrero got into the match as a face, which is an unique experience, since he’s one of the key rudos in the company. Elgin acted as a cruel foreign heel that mocked Guerrero all over the place.

Guerrero and Elgin delivered and exchanged big blows in the center of the ring. Guerrero really sold his heart out for this one and seemed to get the early lead with his submission, but later the Elgin Bomb changed that. Guerrero was cornered in the last phase of the match, but his Guerrero Special delivered the final blow that sent the Canadian packing back to Japan.

Dias de los Muertos and Blue Panther 40th Anniversary show

Photo: CMLL

Next Friday will be the 40th Anniversary of Blue Panther’s legendary wrestling career. Panther will be teaming up with his nephew Black Warrior, Euforia and Panterita del Ring to face the team of Los Nuevos Dinamitas (Cuatrero, Sanson & Forastero) and Máscara Año 2000 – basically the whole Reyes family. Blue Panther was part of the original Laguneros group with Dr. Wagner Jr. and wrestled for the defunt Universal Wrestling Association. Perhaps his is most famous for his iconic feud with “The Love Machine”, most famously in AAA when Art Barr formed the Gringos Locos with Eddie Guerrero. Pentagon Jr. will headlined the show in a trios match.

Another show that will have a lot of attention is the Días de los Muertos show. This shows are around the Mexican tradition of the day of the living death, which has now gain more notoriety with the Disney movie Coco. For the moment the schedule is the following: Friday 11/2, Sunday 11/4 and Tuesday 11/6/. Matches haven’t been announced.


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