Smackdown #1000: Evolution Reunites and What This Could Mean Moving Forward

On Tuesday, October 16th, Smackdown Live will feature its 1000th episode. This edition could prove to be quite memorable as names such as Rey Mysterio is slated to make his return to the promotion after a three-year absence. While many are excited at the return of the master of the 619 to the WWE on a full-time basis at Smackdown 1000, it is the reunited of a faction that is also garnering a great deal of attention. It was more than ten years ago Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista came together to form Evolution.

For the first time since the group split up in 2005, they will come together as a unit for this momentous occasion. When the group re-emerged in 2014 it was only as a three-man unit that did not include Ric Flair. However, for the 1000th edition of Smackdown Live, the group will reform. Despite criticism directed at the faction for being a highly successful group on Monday Night Raw and will remerge on Smackdown Live, it could be for a very good reason. As part of a recent listed devoted to whom the greatest Smackdown superstars of all time are both Batista and Randy Orton remain on that list. Could animosity lead to jealousy for Batista’s success outside wrestling? Is there the risk that Batista and Randy Orton could come to blows?

Photo: WWE

Fans may be aware that Batista was suggesting that the WWE broke off talks with him despite there being a chance that he would return. It could simply be a case of him creating buzz to peak the interest of fans. Could there be something more? When Batista quit after Evolution lost to the Shield, could there still be some ill will between faction members? With WrestleMania season a few months away and Triple H without an opponent one has to wonder if an inner faction triple threat or possibly one on one matchup is on the horizon.

Viewers can find out what comes of Evolution’s reuniting on Tuesday, October 16th at 8 pm eastern.