Preview: OTT Defiant 2 (10/14/18)

Just one day after OTT rock the National Stadium with a loaded celebration of their Fourth Year Anniversary, which sees Los Ingobernables debut in Ireland, OTT has Defiant 2.   Their second ever all women’s show features legends such as Command Bolshoi and two of the best women’s wrestlers in the world Kay Lee Ray and Viper.  There is a free three-match pre-show which will see Bandido face Shane Strickland, Flamita faces Sean Guinness and Terry Thatcher defends his NLW title against Curtis Murray.  Despite this all the eyes will be on the women who are ready to tear the house down once again.

Match 1: Debbie Keitel & Amy Allonsy vs Lana Austin & Kasey Owens

Photo: OTT

Kasey Owens who was trained by Bonesaw from the Kings Of The North is making her OTT debut.  She has been a mainstay of Insane Championship Wrestling‘s women’s division alongside her sister Leah, she is a former 2-time ICW Women’s champion and regularly works in Pro Wrestling: EVE.  Lana Austin has been in OTT before when she challenged Session Moth Martina for the OTT womens title in November of last year.  Austin has captured lots of gold throughout her career already as she is currently the GPW Women’s and tag team champion.  She is also a former 24/7 Champion in ATTACK!, Queen of Southside champion and a 2-time FSW Women’s Champion.  Across the ring from them will be Debbie Keitel and Amy Allonsy.  Keitel was a big success story from contenders as her series with Raven Creed were some of the best women’s matches in Irish Wrestling history.  Her teammate is someone that is still looking to break out and solidify her place, Amy Allonsy has made her way back to Contenders recently after plying her trade in Main Stage Wrestling and Uprising Wrestling.  Allonsy makes her Tivoli debut and has a big chance to prove how good she is alongside Keitel.

Match 2: Katey Harvey vs Jetta

Two queens of different countries collide.  Jetta and Harvey are veterans of their scene and were two people that helped establish women’s wrestling in their respective country.  Jetta calls herself a British Wrestling legend and she is not wrong.  A strong in-ring performer in a time when those were rare in the women’s scene and always gold when given a microphone she is held in high regard by fans everywhere.  Harvey is an Irish wrestling legend as she helped to establish women’s divisions in companies all across Ireland and her feud with Martina made them both hugely popular figures in OTT.  Two legends, two queens, two great wrestlers collide at Defiant.

Match 3: Viper vs Valkyrie

Photo: OTT

Valkyrie faces the biggest challenge of her career so far.  Viper is a world traveled star who has competed under a WWE banner, for TNA (now Impact), Stardom, World Of Sport and was the first ever 2-time women’s champion in ICW history.  Viper is a name respected all over the world as one of the best women’s wrestlers on the independent scene.  Valkyrie is more than up to the challenge.  Valkyrie has emerged as one of the country’s brightest talents, she recently won the Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship, becoming the first woman to do so, and is the current PWU Women’s champion.  She has fought hard against men and women, put on a classic with the queen Katey Harvey and has shown huge potential already.

Match 4: Emi Sakura vs Command Bolshoi

Photo: OTT

Two long time veterans of Joshi Puroresu clash as the famed Command Bolshoi makes her OTT debut.  Emi Sakura debuted back in 1995 and despite never reaching the heights of the Bolshoi’s or Meiko Satomura’s has still wrestled for some fantastic joshi companies like All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW), where she was a regular.  She then moved on to Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW) until it shut in 2001.   She then started to perform for Ice Ribbon and NEO Ladies regularly.  In 2011, 16 years after her debut, she started working in Dramatic Dream Team (DDT Pro) and EVE.  In 2012, she set up Gatoh Move a unique promotion for her and some of her veteran friends to wrestle in along with some of Sakura’s trainees.  She has wrestled for various other Joshi promotions during this time but has had a regular home promotion for most of her career.  The peak os Sakura’s career has to be her AJW Championship win although she has gone to have over 20 championship reigns.  Sakura stands across from Command Bolshoi.  Bolshoi debuted all the way back in 1992 and for most of her career has called Japanese Women’s Pro Wrestling Project (JWP) her home, and in this time she also competed in both CMLL and AAA in mexico and even New Japan.  In 2017, she set up Pure-J  (after JWP shut down) and has wrestled regularly for her own promotion.  Bolshoi has captured record numbers of tag team championships throughout her career as she is a 4x Daily Sport Tag Team Champion as well as a 6x JWP Tag Team Champion.  numerous.  Between them there is 50 years of experience, numerous title reigns and a history in some of the biggest Joshi companies in history.

Match 5: Kay Lee Ray vs Jordynne Grace

OTT hosts this first time ever meeting between two of the best women’s wrestlers in the world.  Kay Lee Ray took wrestling by storm when she helped the rise of ICW by summing up its hardcore ECW vibe by having violent matches against men and women.  KLR is more than just a hardcore wrestler, she is a great high flier and incorporates strong style with hard, realistic strikes being a part of her game.  In a clash of styles, KLR faces the powerhouse Jordynne Grace.  “The Last Pure Athlete” and self proclaimed “Thick Mama Pump” is one of the best wrestlers in the women’s scene in the US as she uses her power and agility effectively to have good matches.  This is an international dream match with a clash of styles between two of the best at what they do.

Match 6: OTT Women’s Championship: Sammii Jayne (c) vs Raven Creed

Raven Creed has the biggest weekend of her career as she could walk out as both Gender Neutral and Women’s Champion.  Debuting on the contenders shows and having a hot rivalry with Debbie Keitel Creed has had a quick rise to prominence in OTT and despite her young age is one of the islands best.  After overcoming her rival Debbie Creed defeated Katey Harvey at OTT Fan Appreciation Night to put herself in this position.  Creed faces the Scottish Sammii Jayne, Jayne has been making her name steadily over the years and had her career defining run as EVE Champion from 2017 into 2018 which saw her main event the first ever all women’s show in York Hall.  With the buzz from her EVE run Jayne has had a fantastic year in 2018 Debuuting in OTT and winning the title on her very first night.  She returned to ICW after a year long gap, she has debuted for RevPro and Defiant Wrestling while also holding 5 championships at once.  An interesting heel vs heel matchup as Munster’s best wrestler faces the Main Event Empress for the OTT Women’s Championship.

Photo: OTT

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