#AndNEW: Stephen Wolf & Myron Reed Win Glory Pro Tag Titles

At Sunday night’s Glory Pro event Horse Power, the tag team of Myron Reed & Stephen Wolf defeated DJZ & Everett Connors to win the Glory Pro United Glory (Tag Team) Championships. Everett Connors finally lost his tag team titles, initially won last August with Michael Elgin. When Elgin stepped away from Glory Pro late last year, Connors found a new partner in IMPACT Wrestling‘s DJZ, and the two continued to defend the titles together. The team of Myron Reed & Stephen Wolf ended Connors reigns as tag champ at 414 days.

Stephen Wolf & Myron Reed Win Glory Pro Tag Titles

Two emerging stars of the Midwest and Southern wrestling scene, Stephen Wolf and Myron Reed are somewhat new together as a team. For years, Wolf has been the tag partner of one of Myron Reed’s stablemates in The Rascalz, Trey Miguel, but on Sunday it was another Rascal at Wolf’s side. Ironically, the first time the two tagged together was in a 6-man tag team match for Chicago’s All American Wrestling (AAW) last June, where Reed and Wolf teamed with Miguel in a match against two men who would form The Rascalz, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz (formerly Scarlet & Graves). Their third partner was DJZ.