WWL Destino Final: Shane Returns, Mike Mendoza’s Injury and More

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World Wrestling League (WWL) keeps proving that they are the dominant wrestling company in Puerto Rico. WWL had their Destino Final show in Dorado in front of a sold-out crowd – their second this year – and a lot of things happened.

Mike Mendoza Injured

Destino Final featured three of the best wrestlers in the island facing off each other for WWL’s biggest prize. Mike Mendoza couldn’t complete his journey for his first singles title in WWL when he landed awkwardly and injured his knee. It’s uncertain when he’s coming back or if this is a storyline thing, but the injury is a downer for the promising star.

Mecha Wolf 450 is the best champion at the moment and there’s not doubt about it. If WWL wants the next heir of the title, it should be 450 who is riding a 150+ day championship run to lose against the Scorpion himself. For now, BJ and his loud mouth will do fine for the company.

Shane! Shane! Shane!

Canadian born, Puerto Rican by heart, Shane “The Glamour Boy” returned to WWL in Destino Final and the IWA story continues against Manny Ferno and Puro Macho. Apolo was supposed to tag with Shane, but in the latest High Voltage show, it was showed that Manny Ferno had canceled Shane’s flight. In an atmosphere of uncertainty, Shane cleared the ring and stared down former WWL Heavyweight Champion Mr. BIG.

Shane is everybody’s favorite outsider in Puerto Rico. He has wrestled since the 90s in the island, specially in World Wrestling Council were he is a 3x WWC Universal Champion. Moreover, he has won the main titles in International Wrestling Association (in their peak) and World Wrestling League. His bloody feuds, fiery persona and babyface comebacks makes them a huge attraction in Puerto Rico.

A Bloodbath for Electro 

Electro is slowly getting traction as huge risk taker and solid in the ring. From getting nasty bumps in extreme rules matches, going haywire on his topes and now ending in a Eddie Guerrero-type bloodbath. Electro was insanely dripping blood and going hard against the son of Victor the Bodyguard.