Garza Jr. To Have a Hair vs. Hair Match Before Joining WWE

Premier star of Mexico’s third best wrestling promotion, The Crash Lucha Libre, Garza Jr. will have a Lucha de Apuestas match before going to WWE. The nephew of wrestling legends Humberto Garza and Hector Garza will battle it out against his partner and now rival of the faction La Revolucion Amarilla, Bestia 666.

La Revolucion Amarilla Continues …

For a time now, La Revolucion Amarilla, headed by Garza Jr. and composed of Mecha Wolf 450 & Bestia 666, have been running wild in The Crash. Garza Jr. betrayed his former partner Daga in the original La Revolución faction. Later, alongside Mr. 450 & Bestia formed what we know today as La Revolucion Amarilla. Next in line was WWE NXT’s Lacey Lane who joined the group and quickly captured The Crash Women’s Championship. Moreover, PCW Ultra‘s Jacob Fatu was their newest member, an answer to Garza’s soon departure to WWE.

Garza Jr. to join Humberto Carrillo, His Cousin

Last month, Humberto Carrillo, formerly known as Ultimo Ninja, and inspired by his father Humberto Garza, debuted in NXT TV. The former The Crash Tag Team champion was barely 23 and is the latest WWE project. The company is looking to expand internationally and Latin America is one of their goals. Humberto and now Garza Jr. have marketable faces and hold a rich tradition in Mexican wrestling.

Back in April, we first reported that the cousins of the Garza family were going to join WWE soon. Ultimo Ninja went first as he didn’t have as many indie commitments as his cousin. Garza Jr. has been wrestling in various promotions, including IMPACT Wrestling, The Crash and recently PCW ULTRA. He previously worked for AAA, but politics made him test the indie scene.

The Hair vs. Hair match will be on November 3. After that, it is expected that Garza will join the WWE’s Performance Center and NXT. He’s wrestling his partner and the apparent new leader of La Revolucion Amarilla, Bestia 666. There wasn’t a feud or a turn by any of the two, it just and honorable last match for Garza Jr. in home base in Tijuana. Although the company is not promoting the event that way, there wasn’t any storyline to make sense of the match in November, other than the move and that it the 7th Anniversary of the company. This could be a passing of the leadership between the two young and promising talents.