#AndNEW: Mecha Wolf 450 Wins WWL Championship

Last night, at World Wrestling League’s Juicio Final in Dorado, Puerto Rico, Mecha Wolf 450 beat BIG to win the WWL Championship. WWL officially returned after being on a hiatus since Hurricane Maria, and their return show had all sort of fresh changes, with the big one being Mecha Wolf finally being crowned the new WWL Champion. Mecha Wolf ended a chase for the title that started back in May, when WWL had the best wrestling show of 2017 in Puerto Rico, Golpe de Estado.

Photo: Contralona

The former Mr.450 hadn’t won a big title in Puerto Rico since the Spring of 2017 when he won the World Wrestling Council Universal Championship Tournament, were he beat Ray Gonzalez for the WWC Universal title. A day later, 450 would lose the title to Thunder and in the process leave WWC for good.

For 450, this is the culmination of his hard road after leaving WWL. Back in that Spring of 2017, WWL needed a big ace in the island, since they had a new owner willing to spend money and bring the wrestling promotion up from where it was. Mecha Wolf’s unhappiness with WWC came as a blessing and in May he gave WWL a new life. With 450, WWL rose to the top of the wrestling scene in Puerto Rico, averaging 425 fans per show and having three of the five best matches in all of 2017 in Puerto Rico. Mecha Wolf only needed the WWL title to solidify his spot as the best wrestler in the promotion and probably in Puerto Rico.

Photo: Contralona

In late July, WWL started a program were 450 would turn heel and steal the WWL title (not win it officially), but that didn’t flourish, since the fans were not ready to “boo” 450. With Hurricane Maria, WWL got a second chance to make things right, and Mecha Wolf 450 beat BIG in their return show in 2018.

For BIG, he got a second air in his career as WWL Champion. Being 6 foot 9 and 260 plus pounds, the former Mr. Big was a promising star in Puerto Rico. He debuted in International Wrestling Association in the mid 2000s and had a great heel run with Savio Vega. He is most remembered for taking the WWC Universal Champion to IWA PR and unify it with his best friend Blitz and with the IWA World tittle. This, at that moment, closed a lot of doors for the big man. As WWL champion, BIG started to get in shape and work hard as a champion, his Triple Threat match against Mecha Wolf and The Crash’s Willie Mack is a good example of it.

It’s still unknown the next challenger for Mecha Wolf, but he is set to defend the WWL title in May in Golpe de Estado 2018.

Photo: Speedy Productions

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