Juventud Guerrera Invades AAA with MAD (And Konnan Is On His Way)

Last night at AAA Worldwide (AAA on Twitch), “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera alongside Kevin “Killer” Kross and Teddy Hart, invaded the AAA show as a heel faction known as MAD, the same group that in early 2018 attacked Alberto el Patrón, Ultimo Dragon and others in Promociones MDA (a Monterey-base wrestling promotion). At the time (in January), the MAD faction featured Konnan, Sexy Dulce (aka Sexy Star), Juventud Guerrera, El Zorro and Killer Kross.

Last Friday, we only had a glimpse that featured what seemed to be Konnan entering the arena, but he never appeared. Instead, Teddy Hart (who early in the show was supposed to be in a TLC match), Juventud Guerrera and Kevin Kross – who had a WWE Tryout early this year and worked with AAA in 2017 – appeared in AAA and attacked the rudos (heel) and técnicos (faces) in the main event, with the victims being AAA Mega Champion Dr. Wagner Jr., Vampiro, Hijo del Wagner and former LAX member Hernández. Guerrera announced that he was coming for Wagner’s title and had in his hand the AAA Mega Championship.

The show set the stage for a Konnan return, which will prove to be interesting because of the bad blood between AAA and Konnan for the past two years. Various sources confirmed that the Konnan return was imminent, even wrestlers in The Crash Lucha Libre knew about it and we’re told that other notable names are coming to AAA. The announcers never mentioned Konnan’s name, but on Social Media, AAA had a teaser with him.

For Vampiro, it is unknown what will happen with him. He is still working with AAA, and although he didn’t wrestle yesterday, nothing has been said about his exit (and he was one of those attacked). One would think that he and Konnan being together in AAA won’t last long, due their bitter past history.