Evolution PPV Being Overshadowed by Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Trish Stratus and Lita are all set to make their return to singles competition at the WWE Evolution pay-per-view scheduled for October 28th. Trish is set to take on “little Trish” Alexa Bliss, while Lita is penciled in face another unsung trailblazer of the women’s division, Mickie James. It will be Lita and Mickie’s first singles match against each other since the latter won the old Women’s Championship from the former at Survivor Series 2006 in Lita’s retirement match.


Photo: WWE

Over the past few weeks, WWE has admittedly been doing a stellar job building up the last ever clash between the Undertaker and Triple H. The “last ever” phrase, however, is something which should be taken just as seriously as the “once in a lifetime” tagline that came with the The Rock and John Cena’s bout at WrestleMania 28.

Nevertheless, the company has added an extra little spice to the match by announcing that both Kane and Shawn Michaels will be at their respective frenemy’s corner down under with a potential in-ring return for HBK also being teased. However, with the amount of TV time and effort being put into building up this particular match at the Super Show-Down event in Australia, it could be argued that others are suffering because of it.

For ardent fans, another Triple H and Undertaker match is no longer a novelty. This is especially the case considering how good the payoff to their “end of an era” story was at WrestleMania 28. Although, admittedly, the women’s Evolution PPV comes three weeks after the super show in Australia, the time currently being spent building up a match between the Game and the Phenom could be better spent building up the return of the likes of Lita and Trish. The women, not for the first time in the WWE, are getting overshadowed by the emphasis being put on the men.


Photo: WWE

Alexa Bliss is in a nothing storyline right now against Ronda Rousey with unexplained friendships and armbars at the centre of it, while Mickie James spends time as her lackey. The product could do with freshening up and new and interesting storylines. To a large extent, the only storyline currently with defined layers on RAW is the six-man feud pitting Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre against the Shield‘s Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Photo: WWE

There is everything to gain by starting the build to the Evolution show right now. When it comes to Evolution, there has been little to no significant mention or reference to the show and the announced matches for Trish and Lita. In fact, most of the matches have not even been formally announced yet on WWE programming. The matches are going to be built in three weeks while the Undertaker vs Triple H match has already had a month-long build. It is a disgraceful way to treat two legends and pioneers of women’s wrestling.