Ultimo Ninja: Meet NXT’s Humberto Carrillo

If you have been paying attention to the new influx of talent that is debuting in WWE NXT, you might have notice that there is a new resident Mexican star in their line up. Humberto Carrillo has been appearing at recent NXT Live Events and many fans are wondering, “who is he?”

Carrillo is none other that the young and exiting Ultimo Ninja from Mexico. Ultimo Ninja comes from a family of wrestlers that include his father Humberto Garza, his uncles Héctor Garza and Ninja Jr., and his cousin Garza Jr. He barely had a long career in Mexico. He’s 22 year old and wrestled for companies like The Crash Lucha Libre, RevoLucha, ELITE, among others. Ultimo Ninja was barely 15 when he started his training. His indie appearances were limited, but he managed to carve his presence in Mexico City.

It was in Lucha Libre ELITE that we saw a major profile of the now Humberto Carrillo.  Carrillo wrestled alongside family member like Ninja Jr. and Garza, but his most exiting matches came with Mexican rising star Bandido. Alongside Bandido, Carrillo really showed his skills and was able to elevate his career. In the next two years – 2017 and 2018 – Carrillo would wrestle for Mexico’s third best promotion The Crash Lucha Libre. At Crash, alongside his cousin Garza Jr., Carrillo won the Tag Team titles. Carrillo in that span wrestled for NOAH in Japan, Major League Wrestling (MLW) and finally WWE.

Where’s Garza Jr.?

The Carrillo move to WWE was reported back in June. Fans expected to see Rebelion Amarilla’s leader Garza Jr. joining the yellow brand soon. It’s being speculated that it won’t be long before he joins, since Garza already has a replacement in his stable of la Rebelion Amarilla with PCW Ultra’s Jacob Fatu. It would be the second member of La Rebelion Amarilla to join WWE, after Lacey Lane joined the company for the Mae Young Classic II. The pair of wrestlers are extremely young – 22 and 25 – and are starting to touch their peak recently. Garza Jr. already showed his magnetic charisma on Impact Wrestling, while Humberto Carrillo will show fans his insane highflying arsenal and great rope control.

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