This Month in Australian Wrestling: September Edition

Gavin McGavin

News Update: Adam Brooks Returns to Australian Wrestling

This Saturday, September 1st, the Loose Ledge Adam Brooks made his return to Australia. Having been on excursion so to speak since last year, the Melbourne native last wrestled Down Under for Melbourne City Wrestling in a losing effort to Robbie Eagles at MCW Final Battle in 2017. The Aussie native made his much anticipated homecoming in Riot City Wrestling at RCW 200 defeating Rocky Menero. He is also scheduled for MCW’s Fight to Survive on September 8th.

The only other Australian date Brooks has announced so far is for Australia Wrestling Alliance on September 22nd in Sky’s the Limit. This leaves a lot of opportunities for the Loose Ledge, who hasn’t stated how long he’ll be back in his home country. While away, Brooks was stationed in the UK, working primarily for Revolution Pro Wrestling, but also PROGRESS and Over The Top Wrestling, and not to mention working Ring of Honor during their UK tour. He’s also had the chance to work some in the states while on excursion, most notably Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, one of the premier independent promotions in the U.S.

What’s next for Brooksy is anyone’s guess, but he has hinted at his next goal in MCW. Recently Slex defeated Will Ospreay at MCW 100 to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship, and Brooksy has sent out a couple of cryptic thinky-face emojis via Twitter in response to Slex’s successful defense. Brooks could very easily get a shot at his former title, and be a fresh opponent for Slex, who has had incredible IC title matches all year, with high-level Australian talent like Robbie Eagles and Davis Storm. Wherever he focuses his attention, Brooks is sure to elevate any show he’s on, since he is one of Australia’s best talents.

Around the Continent:

RCW: RCW 200 on September 1st featured a four way TLC match for their tag titles, a match for the GM’s job, and the return of Adam Brooks. It was can’t miss for Aussie wrestling fans. It should be uploaded to Riot City Wrestling’s YouTube page in the coming weeks.

SPW NZ: Southern Pro Wrestling in New Zealand has told an almost two year story with JK Moody and Kane Kahn, who were best friends in the tag team The Deadly Sins, then bitter enemies, and now possibly a team again. After briefly teaming together in the Southern Rumble match, they now find themselves paired together against Down to Fight at SPW Fight Nights. Both Khan and Moody insist this is a one time thing on Twitter, but we’ll see where the story goes.

MCW: Speaking of JK Moody, he’ll be making his Australian debut for MCW at Fight to Survive. The New Zealand native will be going up against Ritchie Taylor. Also announced for the show is the aforementioned Adam Brooks, the Brat Pack defending their tag titles against the Men for Hire, and Avary against the returning Taylah Rose.

PWA: Pro Wrestling Australia is coming off a massive show in Call to Arms, with the Will Ospreay versus Robbie Eagles match getting rave reviews. Up next for them is the Colosseum tournament in October. Already announced is Damien Slater of WWE Cruiserweight Classic fame, and Mick Moretti.

EPW: Explosive Pro Wrestling is undergoing a lot of storyline changes. Their formerly strongest faction, Generation Zero, who held all of the titles in the company for over six months, is currently on the fritz, after losing the top title in the company at Vendetta in August, when Hayden Zenith and Michael Morleone had some, well, miscommunication. The new champ is in his first title run with this belt, and this makes him a Grand Slam Champion in the promotion, having won every belt in the company at least once. The Gavin McGavin era in EPW has begun.

Featured Interview: Gavin McGavin

Gavin McGavin, the 2017 EPW Wrestler of the Year, has finally captured the top prize in the federation in a steel cage match against “The Don” Michael Morleone. McGavin has been a mainstay for EPW for years, and with their biggest show of the year, ReAwakening, approaching, you can bet his reign will send ripples through the company. We were able to get and interview with the “Real Wrestler”:

When did you start training for professional wrestling? Who trained you?

I started training in April of 2008 with EPW. I was fortunate enough to be trained by Davis Storm, Shane Haste, Bobby Marshall, Devlin Reeves and Tyler Jacobs (then FN Carnage). It has remained my home promotion and school ever since, though I have taken training trips overseas and interstate to help round out my skill set.

Being a “real wrestler” is part of your gimmick (hence your Twitter handle), so tell us a little bit about your amateur background.

163 wins, zero losses. What more can I say? Amateur and catch wrestling are two of my great loves and they heavily influence my catch-as-catch-can style. After all… it’s #RealWrestling. The strongest influence it has had would be my chain wrestling and submission repertoire. It’s by far my favourite style of wrestling.

How much have you seen EPW grow since you started? What do you attribute that to?

In the last two years in particular I’ve seen HUGE strides taken in EPW. From the launch of our very extensive Vimeo channel, to the revamping and rebranding of the EPW School of Pro Wrestling, the in ring talent and even the production values of the live events…We really are striving to become world class.

This is all thanks to the hard work of a LOT of people behind the scenes, and the best professional wrestling school in Australia. We have very high standards and hold every accountable in all areas to the mantra ‘Don’t Be Sh-t’. It’s more than a wrestling promotion, it’s a family and together it is doing great things.

What are you most looking forward to about your first EPW Championship reign?

Hopefully facing some big interstate and international names. This title puts me at the top of the heap in Western Australia wrestling, and I want to prove that against the biggest and best challengers there are. My goal is to defend the EPW Championship in every state and territory in Australia, and even overseas.

What’s your most favorite match that you’ve been a part of?

Gavin McGavin vs Scotty Ryan: EPW Goldrush 2017. We followed it up with a No DQ, and then a Cage match, but for pure ‘wrestling’, I’ve never had a better match and it put us both on a rocket ship to the top of EPW. The whole trilogy was one of the best in Australian wrestling history. I’d put money on it.

Who would most like to work with that you haven’t had a chance to yet?

In no particular order: Syd Parker, Dowie James, Ricky South, Adam Hoffman, Mick Moretti, Adam Brooks, Jonah Rock, Mat Diamond, The Basso Brothers, The Armstrongs, Slex, Damian Slater, Marcius Pitt… all guys I’ve NEVER wrestled one-on-one and I just KNOW I could tear the house down with all of them. And that is just the fellow Aussies!

One rematch I’d really like though… Jack Bonza. The #RealWrestler vs #TheBestTechnicalWrestlerInAustralia . I’ll put the EPW Championship on the line. If I win, he makes me an honorary member of The Four Nations. The New Yellow Nation!

What are some long term career goals you have for yourself?

Wrestle more interstate. Wrestle overseas. Wrestle against a visiting International. Main Event a ReAwakening. That is the Holy Grail in EPW.

The big one I guess though is to wrestle a career worthy of the EPW Hall of Fame. That would be something I’d cherish for the rest of my days.

How do you want your EPW Heavyweight title reign to be remembered?

Firstly, I want it remembered as the EPW Championship. No ‘heavyweight’ tagline with this championship. Never has been in EPW. It’s not about size, it’s about being the best wrestler.

I want it to be remembered as looooong and engaging run that helps elevate the title both in Perth and abroad, as well as the wrestlers that compete for it. I want it to be remembered as ‘Gavin McGavin’s national tour’!

Me personally, I’d like to think I’ll be remembered as someone who was ‘classical’, but also innovative. I feel like I’ve done a good job of breathing new life into match types such as No DQ, Cage and Last Man Standing, and I’d love to make my run as memorable and fresh as possible.

In this day and age it seems to be harder and harder for heels to get heat like you do. How do you do it?

I was brought into this business with the mindset of show>match>self. Putting the needs of the match, the show and, in turn, the fans before your own ego is key. I don’t go out there trying to get cheered or hit a cool move. I walk through the curtain with the sole purpose of making people hate me.

To me, the booing sounds like applause, because that is what I’m aiming for. I think a lot of wrestlers worry that too much heat means their shirt sales will suffer, or they won’t get as many re-tweets. If your role is the villain, play that role and let the hero do his job.

The best bit of advice I ever got in terms of promos though… tell them a truth they don’t want to hear. Really gets under their skin. Like the fact I’m the first ever, GRAND SLAM CHAMPION.

This year saw Melbourne City Wrestling and Southern Pro Wrestling in New Zealand both run peak shows that drew 1,200 plus fans. Could you see EPW doing something like that soon?

God I hope so. The issue in Perth is finding a suitable venue. We 100% have the talent and the production values. I think we can certainly put on a show worthy of that many fans, we just need the stars to align, but I’m sure EPW management have the skills and dedication to knock them into alignment.

Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Yeah… buy my merch at and check out my matches at Epw Perth on Vimeo.
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