#AndNEW: New Champions Crowned in Chicago for AAW Pro

AAW Defining Moment

#AndNEW – Brody King Reigns Supreme

“If you are able to walk out of there alive, good for you. Because God forgives, Brody doesn’t.”

That’s what Brody King proclaimed before his AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined Heavyweight Championship match. The hard-hitting lead singer for the metal band, God’s Hate, just debuted for AAW Pro in May in the same city of Chicago. With so many of the company’s former top stars leaving for WWE in recent years, such as Keith Lee and Seth Rollins, it was a perfect time to establish new main event stars . “Super” ACH had reigned atop AAW Pro for over 200 days and defeated all comers like the WRSTLING faction (Jeff Cobb, David Starr, Trevor Lee and Eddie Kingston) but Brody King was just too much power at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago. Brody King suffered a concussion early in the match and still won the AAW Heavyweight Championship after twenty-three minutes.

The six-foot-five, 285 pound heavyweight only made his professional wrestling debut in 2015 and King is already one of the most buzzed about independent wrestlers in America. Such promotions as Bar Wrestling and Major League Wrestling have booked Brody King and the monster impresses more with every match. Pro Wrestling Guerilla put Brody King against PWG champion WALTER this year and King almost walked away the winner of that war despite having over a decade less experience. Brody King was trained at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy and has developed a persona that is all about violence, not just by way of hardcore wrestling but adapting to a supremely intense style. Now that Brody King is the AAW heavyweight champion going into the upcoming Seize The Day event, fans can expect lots of dangerous piledrivers in the future.

This is just the beginning for the thirty-one year old from Los Angeles, California. The smash-mouth champion aligns himself with Jimmy Jacobs in AAW Pro so it will be interesting to see if King feels he no longer needs Jacobs or if they remain a violent tag team. There will be many big title matches in the future for Brody King, what’s exciting is many will be first time encounters. Jeff Cobb, Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr and AR Fox all could be considered top contende’s to the AAW Heavyweight Championship as “The Violent Artist” stands atop AAW Pro. IMPACT Wrestling may come calling to Brody King in the very near future after this championship win considering Impact Wrestling just signed “The Smokeshow” Scarlett Bordeaux, OVE (Sami Callihan, Dave and Jake Crist)  others from AAW Pro.

#AndNEW: WRSTLING’s Tactics Lead to Tag Team Gold for David Starr and Eddie Kingston

Chicago hosted AAW Pro for two consecutive nights as another championship changed hands over the weekend. The Besties In The World (Davey Vega and Matt Fitchett) lost the AAW tag team championships to WRSTLING (David Starr and Eddie Kingston) when Jeff Cobb carried Scarlett Bordeaux down to the ring to distract Vega and Fitchet. Eddie Kingston claimed if they won the AAW tag team championships they would make a freebird rule for the titles, meaning any two of the four from the faction could now defend the titles. It was a great run for The Besties In The World as Savage Garden playing the champions to the ring will be missed.

It’s a whole new era with new champions in AAW Pro as a new season approaches and a whole new set of events are coming up.

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