Fans Chant “We Want Jericho” at IMPACT Tapings

Chris Jericho
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Last night, IMPACT Wrestling aired an episode from their most recent television tapings. The focal point of the episode, titled ReDefined, was Tessa Blanchard winning her first Knockouts title in a great match against Su Yung and Allie. Blanchard’s moment was great but it was something else that happened on the show involving the one and only Chris Jericho that has fans talking.

During a segment, Josh Matthews and Don Callis paused for a moment as fans behind them began to chant “We want Jericho!” Matthews simply smiled, giving an amused look to the camera before saying “anything can happen.” Meanwhile, Callis, a longtime friend of Jericho’s, suggested giving the IWGP Intercontinental Champion a call. Following the show, IMPACT called attention to the cheers once more, posting a video on their Twitter and tagging Jericho, who retweeted it. In fact, not only did Jericho retweet that video, but he retweeted several fans who shared the same video or noted the cheers.

Jericho tweets

Just a few months ago, the idea of Jericho wrestling for IMPACT Wrestling seemed all but impossible. Out of respect for Vince McMahon, Jericho has said on more than one occasion that he was actively not seeking other North American bookings. It was for that reason that Jericho is yet to work a New Japan Pro Wrestling show in the United States.

But recently, Jericho’s stance seemed to soften as he realized the potential of a run in a company like IMPACT or Ring of Honor. Jericho spoke to James Ellsworth on his DuhCast, and said “yeah sure, why not,” regarding if he would ever work for ROH or IMPACT, the two companies he is currently working with in a different capacity for the Jericho Cruise, which sets sail in October. Jericho expanded upon his response to Ellsworth, adding, “If its creatively satisfying, if it’s something that I can really sink my teeth into, something that I can really enjoy, then why wouldn’t I give it a try?”

This is not the first time Jericho has been linked to IMPACT Wrestling. Close friends with both Scott D’Amore and Callis, who through his relationship with NJPW helped set Jericho up there, rumors have started to pick up steam regarding Jericho Chris showing up in the IMPACT Zone. After a promo for Bound for Glory aired, IMPACT Vice President of Production, Kevin Sullivan, took to Twitter to reveal that the company had hidden some Easter eggs in the promo. The screenshot he shared reflected a marquee that read in part, “Opportunities From the Wall Street…” Jericho’s finishing move is called the Walls of Jericho, which has led people to speculate his appearance at the upcoming PPV is one of the hidden messages. Jericho shocked the world when he showed up via video at Power Struggle to challenge Kenny Omega in a “Best in the World” match. Is it possible another huge shock is on its way when Jericho ends up bound for glory?

Even if Bound for Glory is not in the cards, Jericho has become one of the most intriguing free agents out there. His loyalty to WWE closed doors in the past, but with a new mentality, it is anyone’s guess where Jericho might pop up next. With his connections to IMPACT Wrestling and the recent teases, it wouldn’t be shocking if after he drops the Intercontinental title in NJPW, that he’s IMPACT bound. And given what has transpired the last year or so, that would really be the revolutionary kind of move in the industry that Jericho is now suggesting is a great thing as it helps change the business in the best possible way.

“So I haven’t spoken to anybody at TNA and I’m not saying I would ever go there but I’m not saying I wouldn’t would ever go there but I’m not saying I wouldn’t, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t go to WWE or I wouldn’t go to New Japan or go wherever. To me, it’s all about helping to change the business in a lot of ways and if there’s a way to do it by being a little bit of a revolutionary then why not? Let’s go for it, man. This is show business, it’s entertainment, it’s the wild west. There’s no rules and nobody say that you have to work in the WWE or you don’t have to work there.

Independent wrestling at this point in time is bigger than it’s ever been. And that’s a good place for me to be in, for James Ellsworth to be in or Kenny Omega, everybody else that’s kind of an ‘independent guy.’ Now’s the time to be independent because you really can go make a real good living and make a difference outside of the WWE bubble which hasn’t been something that you could do for years since the highlight of WCW back in ’98-’99.

So it’s an exciting time for everybody involved.”