#AndNEW: Peter TBR and Gilbert Win the WWC World Tag Team Championships

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Last Saturday, the team of Peter the Bad Romance and 2x WWC Universal Champion Gilbert won the World Wrestling Council World Tag Team Championships.¬†The recently formed team in Puerto Rico’s oldest company beat La Revolucion in a House Show in Manat√≠.

Photo: WWC

Recently, Gilbert’s old partner, Ray Gonzalez Jr., lost a match were he had to retire. Although is unknown the reasons behind his retirement, is safe to say that nobody is missing him. Ray Jr.‘s lack of fundamentals, bad shape and lack of hard work to the top was one of the many reasons that Gilbert couldn’t win any championship with him as a partner.

With Peter the Bad Romance by his side, the story is different. Peter is one of the best talents in the island, recently committing with WWC after shattering the indie wrestling scene in the island. This is Peter’s first Tag Team title in WWC, before that, he was a 4x WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Gilbert’s time in WWC has been a turbulent one. His stories are mostly hit or miss most of the time. He previously was in his fifth reign as Puerto Rican champion, then in a bloody feud with WWC veteran Lightning. The feud gather some attention because of WWC’s effort to create a engaging storyline. Moreover, WWC went out of their way to taped part in the feud in the Dominican Republic, with Gilbert entering in a Punta Cana and attacking Lightning in his “family vacation”.

The duo was later attacked that night by Doom Patrol (not to be confuse by the US indie stable). Al hough WWC is very sloppy with their booking, their tag team division is quite healthy. You have the champions, the former champions La Revolucion, Doom Patrol, Thunder & Lightning and probably more tag teams to come.