WWC and the Dominican Republic to Promote WWC DR

World Wrestling Council and the Dominican Republic have started a project with legendary wrestler El Bronco #1 to promote WWC DR. The move came out of nowhere, as reports about WWC doing a show in the Dominican Republic were non-existent, but details about the promotion are beginning to appear.

WWC Without Carlos Colon & Victor Jovica 

The promoters of WWC DR made it clear that, although the brand letters WWC were on its logo, the company was going to be headed by three-times WWC Universal Champion Ramón Alvarez aka Bronco #1.

The wrestler-turned-promoter explained that WWC owners Victor Jovica and Carlos Colon gave permission to WWC DR to use the logo and letters of WWC. Moreover, WWC regulars like former WWE United States Champion Carlito,  Gilbert and legendary tag team Thunder & Lightning will be appearing in their debut show in October.

Not The First Time It’s Happened

It’s not the first time the WWC has done business with their neighbors in the DR. In the 90s, WWC took part in a new project called Dominican Wrestling Federation (DWF). The project rivalled top promotion Dominicana de Espectáculos, which had the greatest Dominican wrestler in history Jack Veneno.

The DWF skyrocketed to fame in the DR and Veneno found himself in his toughest two years in his home country against a company that was backed by his previous employer in Puerto Rico – in the 1970s, Veneno wrestled for WWC.  The company brought regulars like Carlos Colon, Jovica, Huracan Castillo and WWC DR owner Bronco #1, that in those times had one of the hottest runs in the Caribbean.

DWF eventually would disappear, but that wasn’t the end for the collaborations between WWC and the Dominican Republic. Moreover, a championship was created from that alliance, which was named the WWC Dominican Republic Championship, although it’s lineage goes as far to the 1970s, the only title holders were Jack Veneno, Relampago Martínez (probably the greatest Dominican heel), Bronco #1, Astro Man, Maravilla and Buitre.

Current Plans for WWC DR

WWC DR’s current plans are to have their show on October 28 in Coliseo Teo Cruz. Names confirmed for the show are Carlito, Gilbert, Thunder & Lightning, former United States Champion and WWE Superstar MVP, Impact Wrestling‘s Johnny Impact, Holy Fashion with Angel Fashion & El Nazareno and Bronco #1. The plan is to get large crowd, probably over 2,000 fans in their first show.

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