Mesias Returns, Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix to debut in Puerto Rico for MysterioMania

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MysterioMania, a show centered on Rey Mysterio, was expected to have the biggest lineup of wrestlers in Puerto Rico in 2017. The show was canceled due to Hurricane Maria, but now on November 29, the show is on once again with a tribute to one of Puerto Rico’s best wrestlers, 4x AAA Mega Champion El Mesias. 

Former WWE Spanish Announcer and wrestling legend Hugo Savinovich announced that his Tributo al Mesias: MysterioMania will have names like Johnny Impact, Taya Valkyrie and the debuts of X Division Champion Brian Cage and the Lucha Brothers.

Photo: Rey Mysterio Official Facebook Page

Referring to Rey Mysterio being on the show, Savinovich told fans and the press that they expect that, if WWE and Mysterio agree to a contract, that the company will let Mysterio finish his date in Puerto Rico, since the date was establish since 2017, before Hurricane Maria.

A Three-Year Absence

Mesias, or Ricky Banderas as he is known in Puerto Rico, will finally return to the island after a three-year absence. Mesias’s last appearance was in 2015 for World Wrestling League (WWL) were he wrestled Alberto el Patrón for the WWL Heavyweight title.

El Mesias is from Bayamon, where the first MysterioMania was going to be held, but now, is going to be in Guaynabo, due to the historic Pepin Cestero not being ready after the damages of the hurricane. He rose to prominence in International Wrestling Association (IWA) and later became the main guy for AAA in Mexico.

Recently, Mesias finished with AAA, ending a 12-year relationship with the Mexican wrestling promotion. He was expected to comeback to Puerto Rico, but troubles with AAA have delayed the arrival.

First Time On The Island

The exciting part of MysterioMania will be the debuts of Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix and Brian Cage. The Lucha Brothers, especially Pentagon, have been requested by Puerto Rican fans for a long time. At one point, Pentagon Jr. was close to debuting in World Wrestling Council (WWC) when Mecha Wolf 450 was their main guy, but those plans never happened. Now, on 11/29, the fans will finally see the Lucha Brother revolution that they were craving for.

Brian Cage is another wrestler that has fans waiting for a debut in Puerto Rico. Cage has wrestle in Peru, Chile and Mexico, but never in the island. His role in Lucha Underground has made him a must-see guy and his recent Impact Wrestling run has further that.

Other Intriguing Stars

Photo: Lucha Underground / El Rey Network

Other names announced for the show are former Puerto Rican wrestler Ivelisse, former WWE United States champion MVP, Taya Valkyrie, Johnny Impact, WWL Heavyweight Champion Mecha Wolf 450, Mike Mendoza, CWA Champion Star Roger, among others.

One of the matches announce will be Black Pain vs. TNT (Savio Vega’s original gimmick). Also, Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion (The TIDE) vs. the former partners and legendary tag team of Los Aereos, Hiram Tua & Star Roger.

The money of the show will be use to help the victims of the hurricane.