Here’s What You Missed: WWL War in the West II

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World Wrestling League had their annual War in the West II show in Mayaguez on 7/7. The company has a firm grip on the number one spot in Puerto Rican wrestling and WITW II proved just that.

Attendance and Quality 

Photo: WWL

The show had a positive reception and even a surge in their attendance, which, after WWL: Summer Blast doing below 250 fans, was highly criticize. The company for the second straight year had over 400 fans – or more – in attendance and probably the match of the year in the same region. While last year WWL won in Puerto Rico the award of match of the year with LAX vs. 3rd Generation, this year, Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Morgan and even Primos Melendez vs. 3rd Generation or The TIDE could get that achievement.

Celeste Bonin before going to WWE

Photo: WWL

A curious fact about War in the West II was the debut of Celeste Bonin – formerly known as Kaitlyn in WWE. Bonin went against promising star Roxxy and Vanilla Vargas (C) for the Coastal Championship Wrestling Women’s championship. After the show, Bonin was announce as one of the first participant of WWE’s Mae Young Classic II.

Bonin returned to in-ring action after training with CCW trainer and former ECW legend Pablo Marquez. Bonin, who was retired, show in CCW that she had a new approach towards wrestling and that her ability had improved drastically. Vanilla Vargas on June beat Bonin for the CCW Women’s title, which made Bonin chase Vargas all the way to Puerto Rico.

WWL: War in the West II on Twitch 

In a surprising move, WWL announce via social media that their WITW II show was going to be presented via Twitch App. This is a bold move for the company and a innovative one in Puerto Rico. Twitch has been barely experimented in Latin America with the exception of AAA.

WWL will stream their show in two separate streams. One will be on Tuesday at 9:00 pm (eastern) and the second part on Wednesday at the same time. The show will feature stars like Mecha Wolf 450, Celeste Bonin, Savio Vega, Slash Venom, Manny Ferno, Mike Mendoza, West Side Mafia, Angel Fashion, among others.

Mark Davidson going after the WWL Cruiserweight Championship

After yet another title defense, Pupe Jackson has a clear next contender for his WWL Cruiserweight Championship. Mark Davidson, who ended his feud with his old tag team partners of Los Favoritos, is now focus on his first singles title in WWL. Davidson, who was trained by CWA Heavyweight Champion Star Roger, is one of the most promising talents that WWL has to offer and his heel turn is surely going to elevate him in the WWL scale.