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Puma King Announces His Departure from CMLL

Today, promising third generation wrestler, Puma King, announced his departure from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. Many fans in the United States remember Puma King as one of the four Mexican wrestlers announced for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla‘s Battle of Los Angeles tournament schedule for September.

In CMLL, Puma King, alongside his brother Tiger Kid, were a regular tag team in the prelims. Puma King is a third generation wrestler – his father is known as El Felino and his uncle is non-other that 4.40 himself, Negro Casas. Puma comes from the prestigious Casas family that has a rich history in CMLL – previously known as EMLL.

Independent is the way to Go!

Puma is one of the many wrestlers that feel stuck by the CMLL system and would prefer to go independent to elevate their stock up, especially in the United States.

Photos: El Fantasma (AAA); King Cuerno (Lucha Underground/El Rey Network)

A perfect example of this is Hijo del Fantasma, who is right now the Latin American Champion in AAA. He, too, was a promising talent in CMLL, but at one point was stuck in the card for the company. Fantasma left CMLL and joined AAA, were he became a central peace for the company and now will headline AAA’s biggest event of 2018. Fantasma gained big recognition in the states with Lucha Underground as King Cuerno and his appearances in Impact Wrestling has helped him grow in the eyes of American fans.

Puma King has already started to taste the independent scene in the US. He has wrestled in the northeast in the US, specifically for Beyond Wrestling and CHIKARA – you can look in PowerBomb TV for matches of Puma King against Flip Gordon, John Silver and Guerrero Maya Jr.

Expect to see Puma in the US Indies, specially in California, where Puma has already wrestle for Pro Wrestling Revolution and is expected for the three nights in PWG BOLA 2018. He said to Medio Tiempo the following, “I’m going to fulfill the dates with BOLA, I have several dates in the United States in several companies and on August 11 in Canada, after that I do not know if I’ll take a few days off. “

The reports are that Tiger Kid will stay for now in CMLL. Puma King in CMLL gathered the mask of Rey Cometa and Karissma. His only title in the company was the Light Heavyweight Occidental Championship.


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