WWC Bringing in Alberto El Patron, Briscoes and More For Aniversario 45

World Wrestling Council (WWC) are concentrating all of their efforts on their biggest wrestling weekend in 2018 for WWC Aniversario 45. The promotion is running three big arenas on July 13, 14 and 15, which is a huge risk, since they’re losing steam as the best wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico.

The Lineup 

Photo: WWC

WWC has announce huge international star for their Anniversary 45 weekend. The first announcement was the returning legend Dutch Mantell and his pupil, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger.

Later in their weekend show, the company announced that the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) will take on the legendary tag team of Thunder & Lightning. They will also challenge La Revolucion on Sunday, July 15.

Photo: WWC

This weekend’s edition of WWC Superstrellas de la Lucha Libre marked the announcement of former Impact Wrestling and WWE World Champion, Alberto el Patron. The company also made official the return of Alberto’s brother, Hijo de Dos Caras.

The last two big names that made headlines was the return of Carlito and Primo Colon – no Epico Colon for this time around.

What Does Each Superstar Bring to Aniversario 45? 


He is the oldest of the Colons and the former WWE United States and Intercontinental Champion. Carlito is an on again/off again figure in WWC. He is usually used when they need to draw big crowds and last year he was the WWC Universal Champion. He is there to feud with Ray Gonzalez, which is one of the oldest rivalries in the company and to go head-to-head with Jack Swagger on Saturday.


Photo: WWE

Barely use in WWE, Primo Colon gets a little bit of freedom to work in his family’s promotion. Primo is there to draw eyes, as he is a pure babyface that will take on any heel that they bring him. He will challenge for the WWC Universal Championship on Saturday against Mighty Ursus and will team with his brother on Sunday.


Photo: Impact Wrestling

The son of Dos Caras has been going regularly to the island since he short run in WWE in 2015. Famous for his heel tactics that got him gigantic heat back when he debuted, Alberto had a poor run in 2016 and 2017. He is there to continue his feud with Ray Gonzalez – which sparked the viral video of Alberto getting attacked by a fan –  and Mighty Ursus of El Sindicato.

THE BRISCOES (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Photo: Ring of Honor

Out of all of the international talent going to WWC’s 45th Anniversary, the ROH World Tag Team Champions are the most exiting thing happening that weekend. The Briscoes, although veterans, are relatively fresh for the Caribbean crowd. They are one of the best tag teams in the world and the fact that they are going to debut in the island, makes them a must-see attraction. That and the fact that they are going up against the legendary tag team of Thunder & Lightning, will give them a great aura coming Aniversario Weekend.


Photo: WWE

The former World Champion is set to debut for WWC alongside his former manager Dutch Mantell (formerly known Zeb Colter). Swagger is going up against Carlito as the big attraction for Aniversario 45 on Saturday. He will face Primo Colon on Friday and the Colon brothers on Sunday in a tag team match with Ray Gonzalez.


One of the best heels and bookers of the island, Dutch Mantell will be directing the orders of the heel stable of El Sindicato. Mantell’s last time in the island was in the late 2000s with International Wrestling Association Puerto Rico. He is set to manage Jack Swagger on WWC’s Anniversary weekend.


The always hated younger brother of Alberto el Patron, Hijo de Dos Caras will be wrestling the returning Chicano and on Sunday in a triple threat match against Chicano and Gilbert.