WWE UK News: UK Brand GM, New Signings, Plus Update on RevPro

Lots of news regarding WWE’s UK brand in the past 24 hours, starting with the big news that the WWE UK brand has chosen its first General Manager in UK wrestling legend Johnny Saint.

From the WWE Press Release:

Beginning in the 1950s, Saint’s remarkable in-ring career spanned more than five decades. A protégé of the legendary Billy Robinson, Saint is considered a pioneering force in the U.K. scene, and he is widely hailed as one of the most technically gifted grapplers of all time. 

In a 2013 interview with WWE.com, Daniel Bryan cited Saint as a true “wrestlers’ wrestler.” Though perhaps best known for his elaborate and aesthetically pleasing counter-wrestling, Saint also brought a hard edge to the ring, according to Bryan.

“Johnny Saint is somebody who does fancy reversals, but what made him a wrestlers’ wrestler is when he’d get gritty with his wrestling,” Bryan said. “He entertained people through wrestling. He knew a million different holds. He’d go out there and always have fantastic matches. I wrestled him when he was 60-something years old and was still absolutely phenomenal in the ring. He was so good at what he did, technique-wise.”

Once his wrestling career ended, Saint turned his attention to tutoring the next generation of British grapplers. In 2017, he spent six months as a coach at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., where he shared his knowledge with NXT Superstars and other WWE recruits.

As he gets set to help WWE embark on a new frontier — including at the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament events, which will stream on WWE Network on June 25 and 26 — Saint is excited about the future of WWE’s U.K. brand and the platform it offers to wrestlers in the region. 

“For the guys who are in the wrestling scene here in the U.K., the worldwide exposure is a wonderful thing,” Saint said. “It’s something that we never really had before, so the new product is going to be tremendous for them.”

Photo: James Musselwhite / Portrait of a Wrestler
In roster news, Squared Circle Sirens (via Wrestling Observer) has reported that two more UK wrestlers have signed deals with the WWE, although not the traditional WWE UK deals. Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Charlie Morgan and UK standout Nina Samuels have both signed “extended tryout deals”, which basically is an intent to sign deal that would keep them available for the WWE and block signing with any other televised company, such as the rumoured upcoming World of Sports series on ITV or Impact Wrestling.
Finally, it would appear that reports that companies like RevPro and Defiant were no longer allowed to use any talents signed to WWE UK deals (as further speculated by Jinny’s loss of her RevPro title this past weekend amidst reports she too signed a WWE UK deal), as they tweeted the following answer during a Twitter Q & A on June 1.
Photo: twitter.com/RevProUK

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