Here’s What You Missed: CWA Aniversario X

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Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) finally landed in the number two spot in the Puerto Rican wrestling rankings. The company celebrated 10 years since having a small independent show in the center of Puerto Rico on Saturday, with CWA Aniversario XCWA broke their paid attendance record, with 371 fans in Dorado, Puerto Rico. The show had as their main event, Star Roger versus CMLL star and former WWE Superstar Carístico (formerly Mistico in CMLL and the original Sin Cara in the WWE) for the CWA Heavyweight Championship.

Here’s what you missed…

Steve Joel Out, White Is The New IC Champion

Photo: Contralona

Leinord White finally finished his hunt for the CWA Intercontinental championship, when he defeated other three wrestlers, including former WWC Universal champion BJ. Steve Joel (the former champion) announce that, after last night defeated and in the process, losing his title, he would be leaving CWA.

The Rodríguez Are Back And With Some GOLD!

Photo: CWA

In a match that involved the CWA Tag Team champions Los Fugitivos (Niche & Lynx) and Bane & Balrog, the reunited tag team of Los Hermanos Rodríguez (sons of Puerto Rican legend Victor The Bodyguard) won the tag team titles and in the process reuniting with their uncle and former CWA General Manager Angel Rodríguez. For the past 20 days, Victor Manuel Rodríguez was looking for a tag team partner and it turned out the answer was reuniting with his brother.

Akiles Falcon is the New Puerto Rican Champ (Thanks to Jaime Espinal)

Photo: Contralona

“The Cuban” Rodrigo Garcia‘s reign ended in controversial fashion when former Olympic Silver Medalist Jaime Espinal gave him a German Suplex and counted to three to give Akiles Falcon the victory. Falcon, who was in a two month hunt for the title, became the CWA Puerto Rican Champion.

Justin Dynamite Is Back For Revenge 

Photo: Contralona

He was betrayed by his brother-in-law and by the top face of the company and now is coming for both of them. In a family rivalry, Justin Dynamite, probably the best wrestler of CWA, finally came back for retribution, attacking CWA GM David Estilo and CWA champion Star Roger. This is the start of Dynamite’s pursuit for CWA’s top gold and Star Roger’s 525-plus-day reign.

Star Roger Is Still Your Longest Reigning Champion

Photo: CWA

Carístico and Star Roger tore the house down, but at the end, it was Roger’s tactics that got the job done. Carístico is arguably the biggest star to step into a ring with Roger since Jay Lethal back in 2016. Both highflyers, who are no strangers to the Mexican Lucha Libre Style, had probably the best match of the night. Roger continues with his historic title reign that is now 528 days long.