Preview: OTT A Haven For Monsters (6/2/18)

Ireland’s top promotion, Over The Top Wrestling (OTT), returns to the Tivoli for one of the last ever times and they are intent on going out with a bang.  Once again we have an insanely stacked show for OTT A Haven For Monsters, featuring Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Mark Haskins, Kris Wolf as well as the debuting pair of WALTER and Low Ki.

Match 1: Damian Corvin vs Sean Guinness

Photo: OTT

A rare singles match between two Irish talents, Corvin is usually featured as part of the dominant Kings Of The North stable, but is no slouch when left to his own devices.  Guinness has returned from some time in Japan and proved the difference between him and just about every other wrestler in the country.  Guinness absolutely killed it in his return at Contenders, showcasing his amazing junior abilities as well as the Japanese fighting spirit.  This will be Power vs Speed as two great wrestlers collide.

Match 2: Dan Barry vs B. Cool

Photo: OTT

Dan Barry is a 15-year veteran most known for his run in Team Tremendous with Bill Carr.  Barry has wrestled all over the US from Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and All American Wrestling (AAW) and other top companies, to something called Inter Species Wrestling in Canada.  Barry is a character more than a ring general and in B Cool OTT have the perfect opponent.  We say this a lot here, it won’t be a technical classic, but this will be entertaining as hell.

Match 3: Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid) vs More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

Photo: OTT

What do you get when you put four young, hungry athletes in a ring? A kickass tag team match.  Whitewolf are here representing their home promotion in Spain, where they have been leading a revival of Spanish wrestling.  They two are talented in the usual indie way as both are great high fliers.  They take on MTH one of the best tag teams on the island of Ireland, Kearney and Martin have so much chemistry you wouldn’t know they have only been teaming for a year.  Two talented teams clash in a match that is sure to steal the show.

Gender Neutral Championship: LJ Cleary (c) vs Kris Wolf vs Tyler Bate

Photo: OTT

This match was originally scheduled to be LJ vs Wolf vs Trent Seven, and the fact that isn’t happening should make everyone sad.  BUT KRIS WOLF IS BACK IN OTT.  The ray of sunshine is back to challenge for the Gender Neutral Title.  Ever since having to leave Stardom, Wolf has been impressing in Europe and the US with her energetic ring style and bright personality.  She faces tough competition in LJ Cleary, who has firmly established himself as an OTT star and that he is no longer a “Contender”.  His charisma helps him stand out and he can work almost any style which makes him a perfect GN champion.  The weird one here is Bate – the former WWE UK champion is the best wrestler in the match and obviously the most decorated.  This should be fun, as everyone involved never fails to delight.

Match 5: Team OTT (Mark Haskins, Pete Dunne & ???) vs The Rapture (Charlie Sterling, Zack Gibson & Sha Samuels)

Photo: OTT

This is the perfect match up for OTT A Haven For Monsters.  The Rapture have been tearing into OTT – ever since their arrival, they have put down the Irish wrestling scene and everyone in it.  Across the ring from them is two men that helped build Irish Wrestling into what it is today.  Haskins loves this company and had one of his first matches back from injury in an OTT ring.  Pete Dunne built this company along with Luther Ward and is truly accepted as “one of us”.  Whoever the tag partner is, Team OTT looks set to tear the hated Rapture apart.  And one can only hope the “Shoeserweight” makes an appearance

Match 6: Low Ki & WALTER vs Jordan Devlin & David Starr

Photo: OTT

The ring general WALTER and the World Warrior Low Ki debut in OTT and make a monstrous team.  Poor Devlin and Starr are going to have their chests caved in, nothing new for Starr really, but it will take everything these two men have to overcome their dream team opponents.  Low Ki is one of the hardest kickers in wrestling and his stiff style should gel well with the WALTERS bruiser ways.  WALTER and Starr reignite their rivalry that has kicked off all across Europe, but Devlin will be hoping to buck the trend and help Starr finally beat WALTER.  There are so many elements in this match with each man being great technically, stiff hitters, and willing to take as much as they give and all of these guys being awesome.