Here’s What You Missed: WWL Golpe de Estado 2018

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World Wrestling League (WWL) presented the most attended show of 2018 in Puerto Rico, Golpe de Estado 2018, this past Saturday night. The story that follows the show, which got a sold-out of 750 fans screaming “I.W.A“, was the big feud between Savio Vega and the leader of the heel stable of Puros Machos, Manny Ferno, for the supremacy of the company and the rights to remain WWL (if Ferno won) or to change the name to IWA, if Savio Vega won.

Here’s some of the thing that you may have missed from Saturday’s show..

Mark Davidson Got Nuclear Heat

Photo: Contralona

Last time we saw Mark Davidson, he had betrayed Excellence Martell after they had lost the WWL Trios Championships. On Saturday, he defeated his former partner in dirty fashion and continued to assault his former best friend. Allison, who was the third member of the unit know as Los Favoritos and the only female of the group, went to the rescue. Davidson reacted to the save by assaulting his former partner (Allison) and even going as far to apply his submission maneuver. The sold-out crowd booed him out of the building, getting Davidson the biggest heel reaction of the night.

El Nazareno Doesn’t Know Where He Belongs

Photo: Contralona

In a controversial live interview by Sr.C, El Nazareno showed mixed messages when asked in which group was he part of, Holy Fashion or Westside Mafia? At first, it seemed that Naza was part of Westside Mafia, talking in west side slang (a change in pronunciation by people who live in the west side of Puerto Rico) and talking about how Tabú and Morgan were his best friends. But, later came Angel Fashion and suddenly, Nazareno was on Holy Fashion’s side, even talking in English as if he was back in the States. This erupted in a war between both factions, resulting in Mike Mendoza and Angel Fashion elevating their anger towards the boys from the west.

Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Mr. BIG Feud Is Over

Photo: Contralona

It seems as if WWL got the message that Mecha Wolf 450 needs to be the guy for the company. Wolf, who is the WWL Heavyweight champion, closed his one-year feud with BIG, defeating him by roll up, after trying everything in his arsenal, including two consecutive 450 splash. Puro Macho helped 450, but later attacked him, making the case for Wolf to turn face. West Side Mafia came to the rescue, but Morgan, 450’s real life brother, was redundant to accept him back to the stable.

Primos Melendez Left Everybody Speechless 

Photo: Contralona

The underdog team of Los Primos Melendez sucked the air out of the arena when they made the biggest upset in 2018 in Puerto Rico by beating West Side Mafia for the WWL Tag Team titles. The match also included Mike Mendoza and Holy Fashion, but, when they were on the outside, Los Primos hit their combination move, which ended the one-year reign of West Side Mafia. After the match, Holy Fashion and West Side Mafia continued to brawl.

IWA Will Remain Inactive, WWL Is Puro Macho’s Era

Photo: WWL

The main reason for the sellout last night was the hope of many fans to see the IWA Puerto Rico make its return. Savio Vega, former IWA Intercontinental Champion Richard Rondón, La Malicia (Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodríguez), which was one of the best tag teams to ever come out of IWA PR, and Roxxy went against the stable of Puro Machos, with WWL American Champion JC Navarro, Manny Ferno and the WWL Trios Champions Khris Díaz, PMS and Electro.

The match ended with Manny Ferno pulling all of the heel tactics and beating Savio Vega, which meant that WWL will remain the name of the promotion. After the match, Puro Macho continued their assault on Savio Vega, but Puerto Rican legend and part owner of the IWA PR, Miguel Pérez, made the save. Savio told the crowd that although they didn’t won, they prove that the IWA will never be forgotten.