#AndNEW: Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion Win CKCW Tag Team Championship

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On Sunday night, the fastest rising stars in Puerto Rico, The Holy Fashion (Mike Mendoza Angel Fashion) beat the legendary tag team of Thunder & Lightning to win the Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling (CKCW) Tag Team Championships.

Thunder and Lightning are arguably one of the best tag teams in Puerto Rican wrestling history, having held multiple reigns (more than 20!) with the World Wrestling Council Tag Team titles and in the late International Wrestling Association, the IWA Tag Team titles. The match itself was a big step up for the members of Holy Fashion but beating them for the tag team titles is a signal that the tag team division in Puerto Rico is in a moment of change.

As Mendoza has put it, there is a change of “tides” in Puerto Rico and he (Mendoza) and Fashion are big part of it. The new tag team champions are on a hunt, as on May 26 they’re set to challenge West Side Mafia for their World Wrestling League Tag Team championships – in a triple threat match were Los Primo Melendez will also participate.

Holy Fashion at Vanished Empire won the Tag Team titles, plus, their female member, Vanilla Vargas, retained her title against Diamante (by DQ, plus, El Nazareno had the match of the night against Impact Wrestling’s Brian Cage). The win is a sign that CKCW believes in the new project that is Fashion & Mendoza, which will create future big matches with many tag teams in the Ohio area.

In the island, they are seen as the next big thing, and since the hurricane, they are doing everything in their power to gain notoriety. Fashion has been wrestling in many independent shows outside of Puerto Rico and was even part of The Crash Lucha Libres show at WrestleMania weekend. Mendoza had a tryout with WWE and is looking to expand in the States.