#AndNEW: Stevie Boy Wins ICW World Heavyweight Championship

Another title changed hands at ICW Barramania 4 on Sunday night, as Stevie Boy cashed in his Square Go! contract to capture the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. The Filthy Generation leader decided to interrupt the main event Deathmatch between champion BT Gunn and challenger Mikey Whiplash, much like Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31. This was his second match of the night, after previously defeating Kenny Williams in a Ladder Match to retain the briefcase and sent Kenny packing from ICW (until he signed with RUDO after the match however).

This is Stevie’s first reign with the gold, but he is no stranger to gold in an ICW ring. He is also a former one-time Zero-G Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion alongside his old Bucky Boys partner, Davey Blaze. As a result, he joins BT Gunn as one of only two men to be a Grand Slam Champion in Insane Championship Wrestling.

The win caps off a monumental run for Stevie Boy as of late. His victory in November’s King of Insanity of Deathmatch came as a surprise to many, given who the other three men in the match were. Fans were delighted when he last eliminated Mark Coffey to win this year’s Square Go! Match.

His journey from winning the briefcase to cashing it in was a bumpy one. He lost three matches in a row on ICW events, failing to beat Mark Coffey, Dickie Divers, and DCT. The win at Barramania now catapults him to the top of ICW.

With the rest of The Filthy Generation by his side, who knows how long he’ll remain champion.