#AndNEW: Mighty Ursus wins WWC Universal Championship

This past Sunday at WWC‘s show in Dorado, Mighty Ursus beat Thunder for the vacant World Wrestling Council Universal Championship. Ursus, who started as a face in late August with his manager Juan Manuel Ortegas, joined the heel stable of Ray Gonzalez, El Sindicato and win the most prestigious price in Puerto Rico.

The title win represents a shift of focus from WWC booker and the previous Universal Champion, Ray Gonzalez, to a more young and appealing heel in Mighty Ursus. Gonzalez for weeks had critics saying that he was too old and didn’t draw fans like before, and he has been under fire since early 2017, when big time wrestlers like Mecha Wolf 450 (former Mr. 450) and Mike Mendoza exited WWC for the more appealing World Wrestling League.

WWC owner Victor Jovica vacated the Universal title, in an angle to protect Gonzalez and so that someone else could take WWC’s top prize. With Chicano gone from the promotion and just a handful of promising talents like WWC Television champion OT Fernandez and Bellito, the promotion (WWC) went with their biggest face right now, Mighty Ursus.

This is Ursus third run as Universal champion. Back when he debuted in WWC, he was a monster heel, who rarely was beaten. But then Ray Gonzalez, a 20-year plus veteran, beat him in a Mask vs. Hair match and all that mystic around him went away. He would disappear from the main card and in early 2017 (January) it really seemed as if WWC didn’t have something for him. He lost in a squash match against Apolo in Euforia 2017 and in the summer, he was negotiating with WWL. People in WWL said that his price was to high, and for the price of Ursus, they could get promising talents like Mike Mendoza and Angel Fashion – which is what happened ultimately. Ursus then negotiated with Championship Wrestling Association (CWA), but WWC already had contacted him for a comeback. At the start of Fall, Urus returned to WWC and in 2018, since the return of WWC after Hurricane Maria, he has won the Puerto Rican title and the Universal title.