Indie Watch: Jordynne Grace

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At the age of 22, it is almost difficult to comprehend that Jordynne Grace is a veteran in the industry. As soon as the bell rings and her match begins, it becomes clear as day. Grace had her first match as a high schooler and has been building buzz ever since. She has become a fixture of Beyond WrestlingWomen’s Wrestling RevolutionSHINENOVA ProPro Wrestling Magic, Black Label Pro Wrestling, and several other promotions.

Of course, beginning to train when you’re 14 isn’t that strange when your stepfather at the time is a professional wrestler. Something a bit more surprising, Jordynne Grace moved out on her own that same year. Not wanting to move out into the country with her mother, she decided to find a job and move in with a family that she found on Craigslist. This is an exceptionally brave decision and major dedication to staying in the city. But this seems to be the norm for Grace. A mere four months into her career and she was already training internationally, traveling down to Mexico. Since then, she has also performed in Canada, Japan, and Europe.

Thick Mama Pump has an athletic and powerful moveset that will remind fans of Beth Phoenix, who she cites as a major influence, and Michael Elgin. Her combination of agility and power make all of her moves look particularly lethal, and her face can elicit absolute terror (from both the crowd and her opponent) when showing anger or frustration. Some of the biggest names in independent wrestling have fallen victim to her bearhug, spinebuster, or Fall From Grace. Tessa BlanchardJoey JanelaMia Yim, even her partner in Team PAWGLuFisto, have all found themselves on the losing end of a match with Jordynne Grace.

Clearly on the WWE‘s radar, Grace has found herself getting work as an extra. The internet exploded when they saw her at Great Balls of Fire reacting to the aftermath of the battle between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Between being brought in for extra work, and having competed against the majority of the talent in the Mae Young Classic, fans can assume it’s only a matter of time before we see Jordynne Grace on a weekly basis on television. Until then, hopefully watching her and LuFisto beat up on Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor can tide you over.