Preview: ICW Barramania 4 (4/29/18)

After months of buildup, Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) head to Glasgow’s Barrowlands Ballroom for Barramania 4 this Sunday April 29. After a great first few months of 2018, the Glasgow-based company will be looking to create yet another memorable night for their fans. A fantastic card has been put together for the annual show, including four huge title matches.

Photo: ICW

ICW World Heavyweight Championship Deathmatch: BT Gunn (c) vs Mikey Whiplash

Photo: ICW

A killer main event has been signed, with BT Gunn set to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Mikey Whiplash in a Deathmatch. These two are no stranger to each other, having faced off several times in the past. From what we’ve seen in recent Deathmatches, Whiplash will do literally anything to get a win, whether it’s putting Jimmy Havoc through a pane of glass or sending Drew Parker crashing through a barbed wire board. Considering it’s Stevie Boy that has the Square Go! briefcase as of writing, it looks like ICW are building to a cash-in on The Oddity rather than The Necromancer.

Prediction: BT Gunn

ICW Zero-G Championship Gauntlet Match: Mark Coffey, DCT and Andy Wild will enter

Photo: ICW

With the Zero-G Championship currently vacant, a Gauntlet Match will be used to determine a new champion. Mark Coffey and Jody Fleisch were announced as the first two entrants, but unfortunately Fleisch recently picked up an injury and will be forced to sit this one out. DCT and Andy Wild have since been added to the contest with three spots left to be filled. Seeing as he’s been booked considerably well for the last few shows, it looks like we’ll be getting the second three-time Zero-G Champion come Sunday.

Prediction: Mark Coffey

ICW Tag Team Championships Fatal Four Way Match: The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) (c) vs The Filthy Generation (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) vs The Sons of Ulaid (Rory Coyle & Bás Bán)

Photo: ICW

The new ICW Tag Team Champions, The Kinky Party will put their gold on the line against three other teams. The Filthy Generation have been making their mark on the British wrestling scene as the Scottish equivalent to CCK, with their unique double team manoeuvres. The Purge are two of the standout graduates from the ICW-affiliated training school, the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, and through their association with Wolfgang they have been granted entry to the match after their previous matches featured interference. The Sons of Ulaid are one of the newer teams to ICW audiences, making their name known at the expense of The Purge in Newcastle. Each team has what it takes to walk out of Glasgow with the titles around their waists.

Prediction: The Filthy Generation

ICW Women’s Championship Match: Viper (c) vs Kasey

Photo: ICW

Viper makes her first defence of the Women’s Championship since making it a world title, with former two-time champ Kasey stepping up to the plate. While on tour in Japan, Viper has received ridicule from Kasey from not caring about ICW during her time overseas. But Viper fought back against her, saying that the ICW Women’s Championship is her reason for getting up every morning. These comments have likely lit a fire inside Viper and she’ll do absolutely anything in her power to keep the title intact.

Prediction: Viper

Grudge Match: Jackie Polo vs Lionheart

Photo: ICW

A bitter rivalry has been reignited with Jackie Polo and Lionheart once again at each other’s throats. Following an interaction during February’s 7th Annual Square Go! Match, Lionheart make it clear he wanted one more match with The King of Chat. Polo, however, had other plans and headed off, with his retirement apparently being real. After numerous weeks, Polo finally agreed to the match and signed the contract. A story that dates back to the very first Barramania will have another chapter written on Sunday.

Prediction: Lionheart

Square Go! Briefcase and ICW Contract Ladder Match: Stevie Boy vs Kenny Williams

Photo: ICW

Barramania’s first ever Ladder Match will see Stevie Boy and Kenny Williams wage war. Suspended above the ring will be Stevie’s 2018 Square Go! Briefcase as well as Kenny’s ICW Contract. Williams was desperate to get his hands on the briefcase after being the penultimate man eliminated following the already-eliminated Kay Lee Ray returning to smack him with a chair. In order to fulfil his goal, he’s putting it all on the line as his ICW career hanging in the balance.

Prediction: Stevie Boy

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Chris Renfrew vs Joe Hendry

Photo: ICW

The longest match in wrestling history must come to a conclusion at Barramania with Chris Renfrew and Commonwealth Games competitor Joe Hendry entering the 76th day in their match. This has been an interesting story to say the least, with some highlights including Leyton Buzzard becoming the newest musician in wrestling and Chris Renfrew being poisoned then brought back to life.

Prediction: Joe Hendry

Chain Match: Wolfgang vs Tor Atterhagen

Photo: ICW

ICW’s first ever Chain Match is scheduled for this show as Wolfgang faces the Swedish monster Tor Atterhagen. Since arriving in Insane Championship Wrestling back in November, Atterhagen has decimated everyone in his path, from Dickie Divers to The Purge to The Fite Network. His biggest challenge to date has been WWE UK star Wolfgang. After they eliminated each other from the Square Go! Match, Tor hung Wolfgang over the ropes with a chain, leading ICW management to book their very first Chain Match.

Prediction: Tor Atterhagen

Tag Team Match: RUDO Sports and Entertainment Brand (Bram & Iestyn Rees) vs Ravie Davie & James Storm

Photo: ICW

For the past few months, Ravie Davie has been the target of RUDO Sports and Entertainment Brand. They interrupted his wedding, stole his girlfriend, prevented him for earning a World Heavyweight Championship match on two occasions. They’ve made his life hell. After a tag team match was announced, Ravie Davie’s partner was revealed to be former Impact Wrestling star James Storm. Davie will hope to finally put all this behind him at Barramania.

Prediction: Ravie Davie & James Storm