#AndNEW: OT Fernandez Wins WWC Television Championship

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One of the best young prospect out of Puerto Rico, OT Fernandez, won the newly reinstated World Wrestling Council’s Television championship last Saturday in Dorado. Fernandez, who previously had a solid run in 2017 as WWC Junior Heavyweight champion, lost to Bellito in Camino a la Gloria’s battle royal to crown the new champion, but, in an unpredictable turn of events, Ray Gonzalez (GM/ WWC Universal Champion and real-life booker) change the decision.

In Dorado, WWC and Gonzalez told Bellito – the man who won the title – that he was going to face a mysterious opponent from the heel faction in the promotion El Sindicato (The Syndicate). It turns out, that the mysterious member of El Sindicato was non-other than OT Fernandez (face) who beat Bellito in Dorado to win the Television title.

Photo: Contralona

In the process, Fernandez turned heel and joined El Sindicato, their newest member since Ray Jr. turned on Thunder back in 2017 and joined the faction. Fernandez will be the most exiting talent in the heel faction since Mike Mendoza back in early-2017 when he was the Puerto Rican champion and the World Tag Team champion.

Fernandez and Bellito will enter in a bitter feud for the Television title for now on, plus, Fernandez has challengers like “Man-Beast” Enyel & Peter the Bad Romance.