Joey Ryan Dresses As Andy Kaufman at WrestleCon…And Faces Jerry Lawler

YouPorn sponsored indie superstar Joey Ryan arrived for his match against a mystery opponent tonight at the WrestleCon Supershow, cosplaying as the late Andy Kaufman. He came out and issued an open challenge, that was answered by none other than Kaufman’s old real life nemesis, Jerry “The King” Lawler. It was 36 years ago today that Lawler famously fought the real Andy Kaufman at Memphis Arena on April 5, 1982.

Joey Ryan Dresses as Andy Kaufman and Wrestles Jerry Lawler

During one part of the match, Jerry Lawler actually unleashed a fireball from under his crown and hit Ryan in the crotch.

The entire WrestleCon Supershow will be up on VOD on Highspots Wrestling Network.


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