Primo, Epico and Carlito to Wrestle in March for WWC

Last Sunday, on World Wrestling Council’s TV show it was announced that at Camino a la Gloria (one of their big live events) WWE Superstars Primo and Epico (The Colons) will be returning to their home promotion after almost two years of absence. Although it is now a common thing to see active WWE Superstars wrestling at other indie promotions, for Primo and Epico (and Carlito in his last WWE years), it was a common thing seeing them work for WWC while signed to WWE.

Photo: WWE

WWC is owned by WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon, who is the father of former WWE Intercontinental and United States champion Carlito and Primo Colon and the uncle for Epico Colon. Practically every member, except for their sister Stacy Colon, has been involved in WWE and with wrestling in general.

Photo: WWE

WWC has the tradition of bringing the Colons when they are having big shows or a three-day tour. In this case, the big show is Camino a la Glory (Road to Glory), which is traditionally held in the weekend of Easter.

In WWE, the Colons are barely promoted or have storylines. Primo was injured a few months back and now Epico had shoulder injury. The have tried different gimmicks, like Los Matadores, The Shining Star and most recently, The Colons.

For Carlito, he is wrestling regularly 5 Star Wrestling in the United Kingdom, The Crash Lucha Libre and other promotions, that includes South Africa, Qatar, Pakistan, Peru and the United States.

The last time the Colons where in Puerto Rico for WWC, was in the 43th Anniversary, when they defeated La Revolución and went to a time-limit draw with Thunder & Lightning. Last time that they where at Camino a la Gloria, it was when Primo Colon wrestled as Diego (as the WWE Tag Team of Los Matadores) against former announcer for Alberto del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez.