Taeler Hendrix To WWE?: Former ROH Star Tells Alexa Bliss, “You’re Holding My Title”

Taeler Hendrix

Taeler Hendrix created somewhat of a stir on Twitter on Saturday when she decided to call out RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, with a series of tweets implying the former Ring of Honor star could be making her return to WWE in the not-so-far future.

From Rose Bud to Raw Women’s Champion?

As it turns out, three-four years ago a lot of people spent time moonlighting as part of Adam Rose‘s entourage, the Rosebuds. Among these names were James Ellsworth, Braun Strowman, Sami Callihan (fka Solomon Crowe), Kalisto, Carmella, Becky Lynch and Elias just to name a few.

Also part of the Exotic Express were both Alexa Bliss and Taeler Hendrix, the latter of whom made her WWE debut in the role.

Taeler Hendrix spent time as a Rosebud in 2014 before being invited to a Performance Center tryout in 2015. Things didn’t pan out and Hendrix, the former three-time OVW Women’s Champion during the time that OVW was TNA‘s developmental territory, headed to Ring of Honor where she really made a name for herself.

Hendrix, who had competed in ROH twice before in 2010, made her return to the company as a member of Truth Martini‘s heel stable, The House of Truth, alongside J Diesel, Donovan Dijak and Jay Lethal. Hendrix was with Ring of Honor for two years before leaving the company in 2017 leading many to speculate that she would be headed to WWE as a competitor in the Mae Young Classic.

While that didn’t happen, Hendrix’ name has still been linked to the promotion and will once again be after the timing of these tweets.

Bliss vs Hendrix

Responding to Taeler Hendrix’ challenge of sorts, Alexa Bliss sent the above tweet, and Hendrix took it from there.

And then again.

Hendrix also responded to several fan tweets about her challenge of Bliss, the possibility of a Wrestlemania 34 match, and on if she would go to NXT first upon signing a WWE contract.

Wrestlers have come to use Twitter as one of their greatest allies in terms of creating buzz, much like Taeler Hendrix is doing here. That doesn’t mean she isn’t on WWE’s radar or that the company doesn’t have plans to sign her in the future, but it also doesn’t mean it does.

In fact, independent wrestlers interact with WWE talent on Twitter all the time. Matt Hardy, while with TNA, called out pretty much every tag team in the world as part of his ‘Expedition of Gold.’ Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks used the platform to set up a dream match with the New Day despite the match never happening. And of course, who could forget Randy Orton vs the indies, specifically Will Ospreay, who used the attention to sell t-shirts and promote his craft.

With WWE not allowing for cross promotional angles in the real world, this stuff lives and thrives on social media, specifically Twitter. Hendrix calling out Bliss could simply be an example of that. It could just be Hendrix being smart and using this to drive attention to herself. It could be her way of getting back on WWE’s radar and trying to show why she deserves to get signed. Or maybe, she’s already going to be signed and this is just her teasing what could be coming.

Either way, Bliss vs Hendrix is likely not over, whether it materializes in a ring or not.