NXT Takeover Preview: Kassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan

Oh no! Oh NO! Another Kassius Ohno match that could steal the show this Saturday at NXT Takeover: War Games! Think about it for a minute: Kassius has been putting on some awesome matches during the last three months and we all know everything about him and what he can do. Let’s recap: Ohno has an almost 20 years career, been in the public eye and defined as a great wrestler, and right now, he is in good form, his top abilities still show up and he is a very propositive professional over the ring. Let´s remember the match he had against Fabian Aichner last month at NXT or that goodie in June versus the imposing Aleister Black, where we could witness a hit fest and some athletic feats over the ring.

Photo: WWE

Talking of feats, that lead us to our new monster sensation: Lars Sullivan, the guy who impressed Brock Lesnar, the guy who has been, since his re debut in late August (he made some appearances teaming up with Braun Strowman in 2015) had weird apparitions with team members who he destroy after their matches (and later on, apologizing about it) – an all around towering presence on NXT. This behemoth has been convincingly dominant on his matches: fast, determinant and strong, but of course, he needs a more respected opponent, the one that could test his abilities and give him the needed attention in the future. Well this Takeover is delivering the goods!

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There’s heavy expectations on this match. This could be a great clash of titans, full of possibilities and as said before, a potential showstealer. We know now both contenders are blatant professionals and Sullivan is a big emerging talent, ready to speed up his presence on the big spots (I say NXT lacks of a second title, like a TV Title or something like that, the UK Championship can’t be taken as some midcard title to be honest).

Then, just imagine what Ohno can do with such a beastly talent over the squared circle. If Ohno feels like elbow and Sullivan feels like destroying, this is a potential technical brawl. Yeah, just like that sounds. Plus, beyond any prediction of the match, always and I mean ALWAYS is a pleasure to see Ohno doing what he knows best: wrestling.

Winner: It’s kinda difficult to tell, but, I think that Lars Sullivan can get the win on a crude match, but only if NXT´s booking is interested on building a feud. Even more, if the win is unclean, that could lead to a more profound exploration of the abilities of Sullivan (the old in ring psychology) and I can’t see a better opponent than Kassius Ohno to make the work worth. Ring the bell.

Photo: WWE

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