Preview: ICW Fear And Loathing X (11/19/17)

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Glasgow, Scotland has had the pleasure of hosting ICW from the Garage to the Hydro – for eleven years now as the company just celebrated it’s anniversary. The worldwide big stars that are brought to Fear And Loathing every year keep getting bigger, this year Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio compete in matches and Kevin Nash will be the commissioner for the night. Triple H recently made a stop in ICW to support the growing business and WWE UK champion Pete Dunne was on hand as well. Paul Heyman put on The Heyman Hustle YouTube channel a speech on-stage in Glasgow where he praised owner Mark Dallas for all his efforts. There are eight fantastic matches to come on ICW’s biggest show of the year so let’s get to the card shall we.

Rob Van Dam Vs. Lionheart Vs. Zack Gibson

Photo: ICW

The company booked Rob Van Dam very early, setting stage six months ago for a showdown with one the top rising stars in ICW in a singles match. Just one month ago, one of the UK’s very best, Zack Gibson, was added to the match. Now it is a Triple Threat match where anybody can win, Lionheart is becoming a fan favorite but he can’t be happy about the way the recent changes took place. Lionheart has become endearing to the fans because of the years he has put his blood, sweat and tears into ICW for years. That change happened when Lionheart faced Joe Hendry this year and Hendry suddenly received boo’s and the fans rallied behind Lionheart in a No Disqualification’s affair. Now that Lionheart has the fans on his side, he is ready for his big moment and is prime for a future ICW Heavyweight Championship match. Gibson on the other hand is vehemently hated by United Kingdom fans everywhere despite claiming to be the worlds best. In between those ropes there are not many better than Gibson technically, it could be an armbar at any time for Gibson. RVD is a favorite even though he is a veteran who wrestles sparingly, he is still athletic and agile as they come. Smart money says Lionheart gets a massive victory he always wanted at the prime of his career.

King Of Insanity match: Mikey Whiplash Vs. Jimmy Havoc Vs. Chris Renfrew Vs. Stevie Boy

Photo: ICW

“Introducing first: drinking outside the ring!” you can expect to hear before the bell just like the recent matches these men have been having. The Legion has been ongoing all year with Chris Renfrew becoming a reluctant member, being forced into the cult-like stable. Mikey Whiplash is one of the most interesting characters without question in all of pro wrestling, with a persona you have never seen before and a brawling style to go with it. The psychological evaluation of Mikey Whiplash really showed the true Mikey Whiplash and why he does what he does, a fascinating deeper look at his character and the rivalry. Renfrew is always the crowd’s favorite, a former ICW Heavyweight champion that throws Stone Cold Stunners like it’s 1999. Jimmy Havoc was brought into this feud over the past few months and had a wild fight all over the building with Renfrew on ICW Fight Club. This is going to be a mix between fun and depraved, all four men love to use tables and even more dangerous weapons than one could even think of. Stevie Boy received a WWE tryout earlier this year and despite being only twenty-five years old, he is as much of a daredevil as anybody else in pro wrestling today. The match could go to anybody although Havoc is becoming an ICW regular, he could take the brunt of the punishment and a couple Stone Cold Stunners. Expect “The Necromancer” Whiplash to take the pinfall for all that he has done this year.

Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) Vs. The Kings Of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

Photo: ICW

Kinky Party are as unique of a team as you can find, Jack Jester’s wild antics are even too much for tag team partner Sha Samuels. They take on The King’s Of Catch who have been picking up a lot of steam lately. Aspen Faith is getting more confident and smooth in the ring, tag partner Lewis Girvan has called himself the best young wrestler in the world for years now. Both teams work hard all year to make it to this show, they are going to make it count and a win for either team propels them to the ICW tag team championships. Girvan is a future main event player but Kinky Party is so popular it would be a shame to not have them move up the tag team ranks.

Kenny Williams Vs. Rey Mysterio

Photo: ICW

Kenny Williams is one of the most genuinely popular pro wrestlers in the UK. A cruiserweight that reached his culminating moment last year at Fear And Loathing lX, winning the Zero-G championship in a multiple-man ladder match with Lionheart. The ywrestler only has five years of experience but he cut the promo of his life when he called out the legendary Rey Mysterio, saying “I am one of the best cruiserweight talents in the United Kingdom. When you say that you are the best, the only way the prove that is by getting respect of one of the greats.” This will be Mysterio’s first time stepping foot in ICW, he still brings high-flying moves and inventive offense after over twenty years in the wrestling business. Look no further than Rey Mysterio vs Marty Scurll at Rev Pro…….this August to see how amazing Mysterio can still be. “The Bullock’s” Kenny Williams has defeated Ricochet among other fantastic young wrestlers visiting ICW and this would be his biggest win of his entire career if he can pin or submit Rey Mysterio.

ICW Tag Team Championship: The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (c) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

Photo: ICW

The team of Mike Bird and Wild Boar have run amok in the ICW tag division, reigning as tag team champions for ten months now. They have hit a road block as they must face the team they originally defeated for the titles in Polo Promotions. The reason The Marauder’s have pinned The Hunter Brothers, Mustache Mountain and several other teams is because they have become one of the best teams bar none. “The Newport Nightmare” Bird is a loudmouth technician that compliments Boar’s big man offense so well. When you look at the history of ICW tag teams, Polo Promotions comes up a lot and for good reason. The best team in ICW has been “The Real Deal” Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo for years now with heavyweight tag team moves that are a throwback to the golden era of tag team wrestling. The winning team will surely hold the belts for a long time into 2018, it will be disappointing to see The Marauder’s title reign end but this has feel-good moment written all over it.

Steel Cage Match for the ICW Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (C) Vs. Viper Vs. Kasey

Photo: ICW

Kay Lee Ray and Viper both have competed in Stardom and this year’s WWE Mae Young Classic. They have also had a feud raging for years, having some classic brawls and multiple person matches. As commentary in ICW has put it so well: “Its not women’s wrestling, it’s just wrestling.” These women have had matches where Kay Lee Ray is able to lift up “The Mega-ton Barbie” up for a Gory Special and taken the fight to the crowd. Kasey just lost the ICW women’s championship to Kay Lee Ray in October, she brought it to another level in matches with both and Kasey has really proved herself. When it’s in a Steel Cage you have to have your money on Viper, the first ICW women’s champion may make history again.

Ladder Contender’s match: Bram Vs. DCT Vs. Kid Fite Vs. Jody Fleisch Vs. Aaron Echo Vs. Joe Hendry

Photo: ICW

is six-Way ladder match is an ICW tradition to host a multiple person ladder scramble only this time an ICW world heavyweight title shot is on the line. Hendry has been one of the most popular acts in ICW for a couple of years and he has taken off to other ventures in the UK like Defiant wrestling. You could say the newly heel “Prestigious One” Hendry is too good for this kind of position on the biggest show of the year but if he becomes number one Contender it will be everything he has worked so hard for. Kid Fite of The Fight Network faction and Aaron Echo have a slight chance if they can be at the right time. DCT is more than a comedy character and has had some great moments of his own in ICW but winning the World heavyweight title is not one of them, he would love to celebrate with his wife Viper on a huge night with victories. Bram has been in the mix on ICW Fight Club as a hired gun of sorts to Red Lightning. It would be a perfect time for Bram to steal this match from veteran Fleisch as they are climbing and challenge Gunn or Coffey.

Undisputed Championship Match: Joe Coffey (ICW World Heavyweight champion) vs BT Gunn (ICW Zero-G champion)

Photo: ICW

In this battle between champion Vs. champion, it’s a match where these two have rarely faced off in singles action and one is the top heel and the other has been under-appreciated for years. Coffey and his manager Red Lightning have lined them up and knocked them down, even from other promotions such as Moose, Kassius Ohno and Colt Cabana. A Coffey main event is a lengthy affair that always has twists and turns, yet the swerve always goes in “The Iron King’s” favor. This is a case where that may not happen, Gunn became the Zero-G champion for a reason. This summer BT Gunn defeated Kenny Williams for the Zero-G championship to a resounding applause for becoming the first Triple-Crown champion in ICW history. Coffey can get help from Lightning, cause the referee to go down but it still won’t be enough for the momentum of Gunn. The odds could change if Commissioner Kevin Nash takes the interference out of the match and helps Gunn hit a Gunn-Shot to become a two-time ICW world heavyweight champion.