NXT Takeover Preview: Aleister Black vs Velveteen Dream

This feud has the classic storyline building with Velveteen Dream taking on Aleister Black, sending his taunting messages (and cheap shots) to Black week after week. At the same time, Black is just impassive, waiting for his moment to hit a Black Mass on the face of the extravagant superstar. Black’s lack of reaction has made this an interesting feud on many levels.

Photo: WWE

Velveteen Dream represents the true representation of a character. Not a bad wrestler, but in terms of entertainment, he is more valuable as a character. He seems to attract people with his Prince-like persona but quite frankly we’ve seen too little of him in the ring. Black is totally over on both levels (as a character and a as a wrestler), although his character brings nothing new to the table, it’s believable and you can count on him as this Undertaker-like attitude continues developing. The guy can bring hell to a ring anytime since he is one tough SOB without a doubt.

This match has the potential to become an intriguing in-ring contest – both wrestlers can deliver and the mix of styles could throw some unexpected curveballs. When Black faced Hideo Itami, we all know it would be a hard hitting contest and they went beyond of that, but here Velveteen brings in some gimmick moves based on hard strikes and bionic related stuff. Can he bring some more? We will see…

Photo: WWE

So we only have left the strikes – Black officially debuted in NXT April 1st, against Andrade “Cien” Almas in a really good match, although he made an appeareance under the name Tommy End in the WWE UK Championship Tournament on a losing effort against Neville in January this same year. Velveteen debuted in May, also losing past matches under his real name Patrice Clark. Both superstars haven’t been defeated til this day, so here we have that extra point to the match…who will be the first one to take a loss?

Photo: WWE

Aleister Black is one of the most valuable assets on NXT right now and an undeniable prospect to be the number one contender for the NXT Title. Velveteen can go up the trail if he wins this; he could be easily portraited on the main picture in a couple of moves (we hope that a win over Black mean something in NXT). So we have two possibilities and both are in fact, attractive for the future of NXT. So, let´s pay attention at this midcard goodie.

Winner: Aleister Black