The Caribbean Report: WWC bad to worse, WWL news and more

WWC fails in their biggest summer event

Photo: Mighty Ursus

World Wrestling Council is a mess right now. Puerto Rico’s oldest promotion keeps repeating the same errors and it seems that they are not willing to evolve in a country that its slowly opening their eyes.

Summer Madness was met with the same view that WWC has received in 2017, a “disappointment”. Although there were 2 title changes (3 if you count the Tag Titles), WWC fell once again in their vicious cycle of pushing the wrong person and doing their action in an antique way.  The show never saw former WWE Intercontinental Champion Carlito in the main event, but saw the return of Mighty Ursus, who beat Ray Gonzalez in a non-title match.

Peter the Bad Romance ended the epic reign of OT Fernandez’s Jr. Heavyweight Title run, Gilbert beat Lightning for the Puerto Rican Championship and Chicano & Xix Xavant seemed to have won the Tag Titles of the Revolution, but the decision was reversed. It’s still unclear if Cuervo wrestled his last match in the company, but the same can’t be said about other people (scroll down for more).

The WWC’s ship is missing some talents

Ray Gonzalez

Much has been said about 25 plus year veteran Ray Gonzalez. The man has done it all in Wrestling, from having one of the most memorable heel turns in Puerto Rican Wrestling history, to have records in ratings and in attendance in the early 2000s. Now, Ray is the head booker in WWC, and day after day it seems clear that he is not willing to give up his glory, unless it’s to his own son (Ray Jr).

After the backlash of Summer Madness, WWC saw one of their talents that they gambled on (over younger & more talented wrestlers like Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion) leave the next day of the event. Former WWC Universal Champion and Puerto Rican Champion, and arguably one half of one of the greatest tag team in Puerto Rico, Lightning quit WWC on 8/6.

Lightning saw a good run in the spring, with his tag partner winning the WWC Universal Championship and him winning the Puerto Rican Championship. At the time, it was saw as an unfair move, because of WWC choosing 20 years veterans over promising talent. Lightning saw his reign end this Saturday on the hands of Gilbert. The exit of Lightning wasn’t the only one. Some people have reported that WWC & NJPW commentator Willie Urbina was seen backstage in WWL’s High Voltage show that was head-to-head with WWC’s Summer Madness that night. Also, some have heard of “unhappiness” coming from one of WWC’s pillars, former IWA World Champion and WWC Universal Chicano.

WWL is in the front seat

Photo: WWL

With WWC failing to keep up, the World Wrestling League is having a steady year so far. The 8/5 WWL High Voltage Show saw an average crowd (450-500 fans), good if you compare it to everything that is happening in Puerto Rico.

The main event was Mecha Wolf 450 vs. BIG © vs. Nazareno for the WWL Title and… it was weird – in fact, it was horrible. The match ended in DQ, something that it isn’t supposed to happen if you count that it was a triple threat for The Title! In addition, one of the company’s rising female talent Roxxy, suffered a legit injury while doing one of her crazy dives.

The company seems to have a versatile lineup, but flaws are becoming apparent. Some of them being their big roster per show that consist of at least 24 wrestlers, their static drawing of 550 (and declining) per show and apparent disconnection with their fan base. Maybe the biggest shame right now for WWL, is that Mecha Wolf has yet to win the WWL Title and that they are playing with him right now as the title burglar, instead as their top Babyface.

CWS goes national

Photo: CWS

A breeding ground for talents in Puerto Rico, Championship Wrestling School will now be seen on nationwide television, trough Wapa 2.

If you’re seeing something familiar with the name WAPA, well you’re not wrong. That’s the same channel that host the longest running Wrestling show in the island WWC “Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre”. Wapa 2 is a more sport oriented channel while it doesn’t do the same numbers as the more watch Wapa, the channel is somewhat seen by a large portion of the male audience who likes to see sports like the BSN (the national basketball league in the island), MLB and some AA baseball.

Photo: CWS

CWS seemed dead in the waters this summer, with just one good event in Bayamon that brought 230 fans, but with this new deal, they will probably be seeing a rise in their attendance. The company has seen some new angles that mix reality in a lot if their matches, with the front runner being the youngest Universal Champion in history BJ. The man who had a series of matches with Steve Corino, now is helping the new generation of Puerto Rico. With CWS having talented guys like Bellito, Max Daniels and Danny Cruxiel, is no wonder that their future is bright. Also, WWC’s roster partially consist of CWS guys, maybe that’s the reason for WWC not getting their weight in the way of the promotion.

Other notes from the Caribbean:

Photo: CWA

It appears that the CWS deal with Wapa 2 will be also bringing the hot Championship Wrestling Association. This week, CWA is running an angle between them and the CWS, were the administration of CWA is being reunited with the former CWS owner Sexy Manny. The first glimpse of this agreement was in CWA: Summer Mayhem, were Los Apostadores (The Gamblers) received an answer from a tag team of CWS. Now, it seems that there will be a talent exchange between both companies and a interpromotional angle. A year ago, both companies were in a same angle, but with the WWL. It was deemed as the “Multiverse” angle, where 3 companies exchanged talent, had an angle where the 3 promotions were featured and mentioned. The angle fell when the former WWL owner Richard Negrin started investing in CWS and pulled his talent from the WWL agreement. Later that month, CWA and WWL had a dispute over the direction of the angle and parted ways. Now, both promotions to have bigger success in the now open spot for the #2 promotion in Puerto Rico (WWC seem death right now), they have join forces. The next match between talents is on 8/12, were the CWA Puerto Rican Champion Justin Dynamite defends his title against CWS’s Authentic Joe.

MysterioMania: Tribute to El Mesias is starting to gear up for their event in Bayamon on 9/23. The event is in honor to Mesias Ricky Banderas (Mil Muertes in LU), probably one of the top 5 wrestlers in history to ever come from Puerto Rico. The show is stacked with matches like: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. MVP vs. Brian Cage vs. The Mecha Wolf 450, “El Mesías” Ricky Banderas vs. Johnny Mundo, the return of TNT (Savio Vega) vs. Monster Pain (Black Pain) and also an interesting bought that will feature CWA vs. WWL when Star Roger & Cuervo face off against Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion. Jose Roberto, the former producer for WWC, will be co-producing alongside Hugo Savinovich for the event in Bayamon.

– Here’s a recap of CWA in Dorado on 8/6 with highlights.

– Mecha Wolf 450 released his new entrance theme song for his new gimmick.