WWE Extreme Rules Preview: The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE Extreme Rules Preview: The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE Extreme Rules Preview: The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

This Sunday, the WWE will be holding their annual Extreme Rules event. As the event’s title would imply, Extreme Rules is “the one night when the WWE goes extreme.” In this Sunday’s Intercontinental Championship match, however, that will not be the case. What does that mean, you might ask? Well, the match’s stipulation notes that there will be disqualifications in this bout. Secondly, if Dean Ambrose is disqualified against The Miz, he will lose the belt. There will be no champion’s advantage present. So, who can fans expect to win? Additionally, who should come out on top? Let’s take a look.

WWE Extreme Rules Preview: The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

The Case for Ambrose

Since his WWE Championship reign last summer, Dean Ambrose has been sputtering, to put it lightly. Most of the time, it seems like he’s better suited as the guy that chases the title. For whatever reason, Ambrose seems to lose his “mojo” whenever WWE decides to put a title on him. But what if WWE’s creative team decides that he should win this Sunday?

First of all, they need to start giving him proper things to do. The Intercontinental Championship is the second-most prestigious title in WWE history. Honestly, it’s time for the company itself to start treating it that way. Therefore, Ambrose should see a rise in his push, and get involved in an actual feud. The title doesn’t mean anything unless the competition treats it like it does. At some point, WWE has to learn that the belt doesn’t make great superstars. Great superstars make the belt. If they decide to keep the belt on Ambrose, they really need to give him something to do with it.

The Case for Miz

With The Miz, it seems like going back to “ol’ reliable.” How many times has he already held this belt? Six, and this win would make it seven. After his fifth reign of 188 days, it seemed that the belt really had prestige again. Remember when John Cena held the United States Championship for a while and held the Open Challenge? Yeah, it almost felt like that. However, the belt seems to have lost its luster (once again) since then. If the WWE really plans to put the belt on Miz for the seventh time, it could get really interesting. First of all, it brings him one step closer to Chris Jericho‘s record. Additionally, he could be the one to bring back the belt’s history (with a long reign, of course).

Final Prediction

This Sunday, The Miz will capture his seventh Intercontinental Championship. First off, WWE most likely knows that Dean Ambrose can be built up for bigger and better things. In addition, they probably have figured out that contender Ambrose is far better than champion Ambrose. Also, let’s look at Miz’s resume. That Jericho record is creeping ever closer to his grasp. If WWE really is sold on Miz as “king of the midcard,” he’ll be coming for that record soon. Miz, your chase for Jericho starts now.

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