WWE Payback Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Some could argue that this was the match Seth Rollins should have had at WrestleMania. While it’s true that Samoa Joe was acting on Triple H‘s orders, he was the one that injured Rollins. The Architect almost missed his second straight WrestleMania because of Samoa Joe reaggravating his knee injury. This Sunday at Payback, Rollins gets his… well…

WWE Payback Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

Seth Rollins has to go over in this match, right? He just beat Triple H at WrestleMania with one leg. If he loses to Samoa Joe? Then what? Joe is a monster heel, he’ll be able to get his steam back. Rollins’ babyface turn has been a little shaky, and he needs a big win.

Potential Interference?

Speaking of The Game, he hasn’t been on TV since he lost his match against Rollins. If WWE want to keep their program going, the cerebral assassin could return to interfere on Joe’s behalf. That way, Joe gets to win, but Rollins doesn’t necessarily look weak. Or…

Know who doesn’t have a match on this card (as of writing this)? Dean Ambrose. Ambrose may end up with a match against The Miz, but nothing has been advertised. Perhaps Triple H and Samoa Joe are beating Seth Rollins down and Ambrose comes to the rescue?

There have been rumors about a face Rollins vs. heel Ambrose Intercontinental Championship feud happening somewhere down the road, perhaps at SummerSlam, so it would be good to get the two on the same team again.

Reunite Ambrose and Rollins, and then when Ambrose turns on Rollins, it’ll mean even more. Those two have had some iffy feuds with other people, but always put on fantastic work together. This could be a way for WWE to close the book on Triple H/Rollins and move on.