ROH Honorable Mention: Supercard of Honor XI Review

ROH Honorable Mention: Supercard of Honor XI Review
Lakeland, Florida
Jenkins Arena

Ring Honor presented Supercard of Honor XI, a card that featured all of the ROH titles defended and a possible send off from The Hardys. Ian Riccaboni, Kevin Kelly and Colt Cabana were on commentary for the iPPV.

Marty Scurll vs. Adam Cole

Cole offered a disingenuous code of honor handshake that Scurll kicked away before Paul Turner called for the bell. The two traded wristlocks to start the match off, quickly reversing each other to polite applause. Cole backed Scurll into the corner and hit his Adam Cole Bay-bay pose before Scurll returned the favor with his squawking pose. Cole went for a bounding chinlock but was quickly reversed, as was his early Last Shot attempt. The action spilled to the outside, with Scurll in control. He rolled Cole to the inside but took his time and Cole grabbed Scurll’s umbrella. Scurll grabbed his belt as a defense and the two reached a stalemate. Cole had a superkick blocked and took a side kick to the head from Scurll in return.
The two traded rights, with Scurll playing possum. Cole nonetheless scooped Scurll up in a fireman’s carry and hit a modified Last Shot, but only scored a two count. Cole mocked Scurll’s chickenwing shuffle but his posturing lead to a quick roll up that he just managed to escape. Scurll parted Cole’s fingers before hitting a knee and a thrust kick but was caught with two super kicks and a package piledriver that almost gave us a new champion. Cole grabbed the umbrella again but as Turner was distracted Cole was caught with the object. Cole managed to hit a tombstone and went for another but his body seemed to give out, allowing Scurll to snap fingers on both hands before hitting a Gotch style piledriver. Scurll only got a two but locked in the Chickenwing for the win. Great opener to the show these two worked very well together and this was the perfect match to get the crowd going tonight. B+

Winner: Marty Scurll

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young

We get a video package explaining how The Kingdom teamed with Silas Young and lost the Six man titles to Bully Ray and The Briscoes. Taven gets on the mic and calls the fans Melvins before introducing TK O’Ryan. O’Ryan quickly dumps on the fans, saying that he doesn’t need anyone’s support, saying that The Kingdom is the best around. Young and Bruiser came out and Young got on the mic, saying that O’Ryan snapped under the pressure and that the Last Real Man stepped in his place and held up his end of the deal, citing that Marseglia was to blame for the loss. Bruiser spit beer in Marseglia’s face and the four men began brawling. Young and Bruiser were in control on the outside before the action made it back inside. Bruiser and Marseglia exchanged stiff blows on the inside, with Marseglia taking Bruiser down to the mat before Bruiser hit a crossbody that went for a two count. Young helped Bruiser splash Marseglia, but Taven quickly hit a swinging facebuster, as tags seemed to be unimportant here. Taven and Young then took to the middle of the ring and traded slaps with Taven taking control with a series of kicks. Young was able to drop Taven on the top rope and went to the diagonal corner to prevent Marseglia from jumping off. Young followed with a superplex and both Taven and Bruiser hit frog splashes, both going for a two count. Marseglia then lit Bruiser’s cigar and tried to put it out on Young’s face only to be hit with Misery, with Young pinning him while puffing on the cigar for the win. This was actually really well done, catching up the fans on what was going on and was a good battle between two teams of sneaky squads. Cabana, Kelly and Riccaboni really shined on commentary here.

Winners: Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser

The Briscoes & Bully Ray vs. Hangman Page & Guerrillas Of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tonga Roa)

A short promo by Bully Ray provided a bit of backstory here, as he spoke about training the Guerillas of Destiny. Nice little tidbit that adds a little a match that did not have any television of VOD build up. Mark and Tama started off, with Tama taking a side headlock before flooring Mark with a shoulder block. Loa and Jay were in next with Loa working Jay off in the corner before Jay powered out with headbutts and tagged Mark in. Ray tagged in after a few minutes and stared down his former students and jawed at them before extending his hands to them both. After some tense moments they acquiesced but then promptly attacked him. Ray weathered some punishment before taking all three men out with a high cross body.

The Briscoes and Ray joined to hit a diving headbutt and the Ray asked the Briscoes to “get the tables”. The Guerillas took the Briscoes out as Page attacked Ray from behind and pummeled him in the corner. Ray hit a desperation spear, allowing him to tag Mark in who quickly took Loa down to the mat. Mark set Loa on the top and was knocked off, but caught Tama and hit a urnage. Loa quickly came in but the Briscoes stayed in control before Mark hit a froggy bow on Tama to the outside. Things broke down and Page hit a shooting star shoulderblock on the outside, allowing Loa to gain control over Jay. Page officially tagged back in and hitting the slingshot lariat on Jay. Everyone took turns coming in at this point. The Guerillas tried to double superplex Mark but he was saved by Jay and Ray, hitting a double Doomsday Device before the three combined for a Super 3D on Loa for the win. Average match here. The pre-match promo made it matter a bit more and that story played out during the match. Brawling style throughout this one, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. B-/C+

Winners: Bully Ray and The Briscoes

Texas Bullrope Match
Cody vs. Jay Lethal

A video package caught us up on the issues between the two before Jay Lethal and Cody came out in the appropriate t-shirt and jeans-I love this so much and it gives the match an old school feel. Cody is wearing a “Lethal Sucks Eggs” shirt which is amazing. We are told that this is not a match where the men must hit consecutive corners but rather the match will be decided by pinfall or stoppage. Cody took early control and ounded Lethal with rights and stomps in the corner. Cabana added some nice insight about how dangerous the match is and it really added some gravitas here.

Lethal used the rope to trip Cody up before unleashing  chops, ripping off Cody afterwards as the crowd chanted “You Suck Eggs”-we also got gratuitous more cowbell chants. Also, both men are wearing custom cowboy/wrestling boots, nice touch. The action spilled to the outside, with Lethal bashing Cody with the cowbell before using the rope to pull Cody into the ringpost and ringing the cowbell with reckless abandon. Cody was busted open and Lethal wasted no time targeting the gash with the cowbell. Lethal wiped his hand on Cody and smeared the blood on his shirt in a show of badassery. Cody tried to jump off the ropes but Lethal pulled the bullrope to change Cody’s direction. Lethal then grabbed a chair and tried to jump off the top onto Cody, but he fell victim to the same rope pull maneuver that he used on Cody.

A table came into play and Lethal’s attempt at Hail to the King led to him being shoved off the ropes through the table on the outside. Cody hit beautiful disaster and a Cross Rhodes but Lethal somehow kicked out. A second attempt at Hail to the King was unsuccessful again and a beautiful disaster was countered with a rope pull cutter before Lethal hit Lethal Injection for the win. After the match Cody wrapped up the Bullrope and Lethal extended his hand mid-ring, with Cody handing the Bullrope over as a memento. Everything worked here, the clothing, demeanor, blood all worked. It would have made a bit more sense for Lethal to bleed as well, but that’s really the only complaint. I really enjoyed this match and as far as Texas Bullrope matches go, this one is a memorable one. A-

Winner: Jay Lethal

Intermission for the crowd, pre-show matches for us.

Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara vs. The Rebellion (Shane Taylor & Rhett Titus) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

No code of honor from the Rebellion, which should come as no surprise. Titus and Cheeseburger started this one off, with Burger using his speed to gain early control. Ferrara and Burger combined to take Titus down, who tagged Sabin in. Quick pace from Ferrara and Sabin that saw a number of near falls. Shelley tagged in MCMG cleared the ring of everyone. Taylor tossed Shelley and allowed Titus to worked over Ferrara before tagging out to Taylor. The Rebellion’s heavy dropped all of his weight on Ferra with a thunderous leg drop, almost securing a two count before tagging out to his partner. Ferrara eventually made the hot tag to his Burger who needed a little help from Ferrara to drop Titus. Burger and Ferrara combined to pin Titus but he still kicked out. Titus and Taylor combined for a slam/Big Dawg splash combo that would have been a win, save for Ferrara breaking it up at the last minute. MCMG  made themselves known with their patented high octane offense but they could not avoid Burger’s shoteis. Everyone had a run at this point until MCMG doubled teamed Burger and scored the pinfall victory. The Rebellion immediately attacked MCMG, brawling up the entryway. In the ring Ferrara berated Burger until Punishment Martinez made his way down to the ring, promptly kicking Burger’s head off.  Good match with all the teams getting their moves in and some storylines being built here. B-

Winners: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

Frankie Kazarian vs. Punishment Martinez
Kazarian took it to Martinez right away but was quickly kicked off the top rope to the outside, with martinez launching over the corner with a tope that got the fans off their feet. Martinez continued to dominate on the outside, driving Kaz into the barricade before tossing him into the ring. Martinez stayed in control until Kaz was able to avoid a backdrop by flipping over. Ka hit a senton but as he tried to lift Martinez up he was scooped up in a reverse fireman’s carry before he was dropped with a sit out facebuster. Martinez missed a splash to the corner and suffered a slingshot DDT and a slingshot facebuster to the apron. Martinez was able to recover quickly and stood up on the apron only be launched into the ring and caught with a cutter. Kaz’s pin was met by a kick out and a roar. Martinez weathered three spingboard leg drops but that wasn’t enough either and just as Kaz seemed to be pondering his next move, Adam Page came down to ringside and distraced Kaz. Martinez used the opportunity to hit a sit out chokeslam for the pinfall victory. Martinez looked really strong here and is really getting over with the crowd. Page’s interference was welcomed here as it seemed that the Bullet Club had forgotten that Kazarian made fools of them just a few short weeks before. B

Winner: Punishment Martinez

Bobby Fish vs. Silas Young

Bobby Fish came out and spoke about his loss to Lethal and how close he had been to winning. Young came out and said he was sick of hearing Fish complain. Fish invited him down to the ring and the two got right to it. The two brawled on the outside before going back inside, with Fish taking Young down with kicks. As Fish tried to sneak up on Young from the outside he accidentally hit Paul Turner ad dropped him to the arena floor. Young grabbed a chair and went to hit Fish but Todd SInclair came down to the ring and pulled the chair away. Young shoved Sinclair and earned a DQ, but the two kept fighting, with Fish spearing Fish through the ropes and whipping Young into the barricade. Fish then set up a pair of chairs and went to suplex Young, but was countered and took a spinebuster on the very same chairs he set up. Security pulled Young to the back.

Great to see Fish show up here and the intensity between these two was palpable. The match was short, but the story told was excellent. Really hope to see these two square off again. B

Winner:Bobby Fish by DQ

Will Ospreay & Volador Jr. vs. Dragon Lee & Jay White

Ospreay and White to start this one. The commentary said that they wouldn’t be able to call everything because these men move so fast and I’m going to jump on that train of thought for the review. Ospreay got White to look into the crowd and locked in a sly side headlocked that then led to a high speed stalemate between the two. Lee and Volador tagged in and wowed the crowd with their athleticism. Lee hit an absurdly fast movie tope sucidia that sent Volador into the entryway before tagging out the White. The two doubled teamed Volador but miss timed corner splashes which allowed Volador to tag out and took out both Lee and White with a springboard handstand followed by a springboard corkscrew senton to Lee for a two count. Then things got crazy with everyone flying to the outside. White caught Ospreay and dropped him on the apron, teaming with Lee to then hit consecutive splashes and a pin that Volador had to break up. WILL OSPREAY HIT A SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR TO THE OUTSIDE OFF THE CORNER TURNBUCKLE.

Volador followed with a body scissor from the top rope to earn the pinfall victory. Fun match that should be watched. I almost feel it would have made more sense as a lucha rules tag match, as that’s how it essentially played out. Very little storytelling here, but with what these four can do, there was little need. The match was a great one if that style is your bag. It was a nice change of pace match and fit nicely on the card. B+

Winners: Ospreay and Volador Jr.

ROH World Title Match
Christopher Daniels(c) vs. Dalton Castle
We get promos from both men before the match-is there anything better than Christopher Daniels drinking Appletinis? NOPE. Castle started off with arm control that Daniels escaped by using the ropes to flip out of a wristlock. Castle took a quick cool down break as the Boys fanned him. When they locked up, Castle stymied Daniels with the Peacock pose before Daniels tried to trick the Boys into fanning him. Daniels tossed Castle to the outside and borrowed the Boys’ fans to cool himself off to a chorus of boos. The Boys came into the ring and distracted Daniels long enough for Castle to launch the champion with a German suplex. Castle kept the arms locked but Daniels used the ropes to cause a break. Castle sent Daniels over the top rope for a clothesline before feigning a tope and instead strutting like a Peacock as is his wont to do.
Daniels was angered and hastily slid back into the ring and after weathering another bear hug he hit an STO and tilt-a-whirl side slam before getting a near fall. Daniels then locked in a Koji clutch out of nowhere. Castle continue to fight back as Colt insulted him on commentary and that worked here. All night would have been overboard, but Colt continuing to be a heel when it comes to Castle is good continuity and did not take attention away from the match. Castle hit consecutive German suplexes and then draped Daniels on the turnbuckle before hitting a big knee lift.

The action spilled outside, but Castle worked too slowly and Daniels recovered. The Boys absorbed an Arabian moonsault from Daniels that allowed Castle to hit a tope suicida before sliding Daniels back inside. Daniels hit an iconoclasm off the top rope but was only able to score a two count and became visibly frustrated. Daniels missed a Best Moonsault Ever leaving him open to another Castle German suplex. Castle hit Bang-A-Rang but Daniels was able to kick out and as Castle seemed unsure of what to do next Daniels locked in the Koji clutch again. Castle broke the hold by lifting Daniels and dumping him in the corner. The two reversed each other’s finishers before Daniels countered a German suplex attempt by kicking Castle’s quad and rolled him up for the pinfall victory. After the match Daniels and Castle raised their hands, only to be ambushed by Cody from behind. Rhodes held the ROH World title over Daniels until Kazarian came down for the save. This didn’t feel like an ROH World title match. Daniels was booed in his first title defense because of taking on a fan favorite like Castle and it made this match a bit odd. The finish fell a bit flat, as the champion should have been able to hit Angels Wings for the win here, not squeak by in his first defense. I understand keeping Castle looking strong, but it should not be at the expense of the title. C+
Winner: Christopher Daniels

ROH World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
The Hardys(c) vs. The Young Bucks

The four stare down to start, with the four brawling after The Bucks told the Hardys to suck it. The Hardys took early control until a Whisper in the Wind attempt was met with a super kick. The Bucks gained control but were caught with stereo Twists of Fate and the Hardys went for a ladder. The Bucks used baseballs slides to send the ladder into the Hardys’ faces before hitting Rise of the Terminators on Matt and Jeff. The Bucks brought two ladders into the ring and set them up, but were quickly pulled down and dealt Delete/Obsolete knife-edged chops. The Hardys tossed both Bucks into a ladder positioned in the corner and tossed Nick outside before attempting to climb the larger ladder, only to be stopped by Matt Jackson.

Mutton chopped Matt ended up through a table on the outside and his brother was pulled into the ring by Version 1.0. Jeff set up the ladders on the mat creating a fulcrum that was avoided for the time being. The Matt Hardy delivered a Razor’s edge powerbomb before setting up two tables side by side outside. Matt Jackson avoided a double suplex through the tables and the anticipation for the ladder spot is killing me. YES, Nick used the ladder seesaw to catch Jeff in the mush after a springboard.Nick then followed with a 450 THROUGH A TABLE ONTO JEFF ON THE OUTSIDE.

The Hardys took Nick out with a double wheelbarrow that broke a ladder before his brother was able to take Jeff out with a springboard tornado DDT onto the apron. Broken Matt stopped Mutton Chopped Matt from scaling the ladder to save Jeff but as he shoved Nick off the ladder, Nick springboarded onto Jeff through a table yet again.

The Matts climbed the largest table and exchanged rights as the fans dueled Delete/Suck it chants. The ladder wobbled and everyone was floored before all four men climbed ladders and battled back and forth, with the Matts paired. Jeff switched with his brother and only the Mutton Chopped Matt left on the ladder in the end, ultimately leading to to him crashing through a table on the outside. Everyone just went through a table and all four slowly slid back into the ring and they all climbed the ladders with each set of brothers on sharing a ladder. The Bucks hit both Hardys with superkick and reclaimed their ROH World Tag team titles. Broken Matt got on the mic afterwards and proclaimed the Young Bucks the best tag team that have ever faced. He went on to say that the Bucks are proof that tag team wrestling is here to stay and that it can main event and fill a house. Wow- this might actually have been better than Ladder Wars and if not, is very close. I thoroughly enjoyed this match. A

Winners: The Young Bucks

Final Reaction:B+

For an event that was not going to be available to fans on iPPV as recently as two weeks before the show this was well done. ROH dealt the intermission well for viewers at home by having pre-taped matches air. Bobby Fish showing up was a nice surprise here, the Texas Bullrope match worked well and the main event was what ever hoped it could have been. There were some misses, like the ROH World title match, but top to bottom this was really enjoyable and is definitely worth watching the replay, especially if you were caught up in one of the other wrestling taking place on the night.