Red Wedding Cancelled: What Happened To Su Yung?

Losing Drew Galloway mid-card so he could promote his return to NXT was bad enough, but the WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising suffered another blow when one of its marquee storylines – “The Red Wedding”, a SHINE production featuring SHINE Champion LuFisto defending against rising star and gothic nightmare Su Yung, was abruptly halted and replaced with a regular SHINE Championship, but with LuFisto defending against PROGRESSToni Storm instead. SHINE has been promoting this match for weeks now, after building Su Yung up for the past year. What happened? Where was Su Yung?

While reports have yet to be confirmed, one thing is clear. For whatever reason it was, Su Yung failed to show up for the WWN Supershow. Due to this reason, WWN was forced to replace her in the match-up. After that, the reports go into a lot of unconfirmed speculation.

Su Yung had a fairly busy last 24-hours leading up to the Supershow and the SHINE title match. Just hours before, she headlined the Women’s Supershow at Wrestlecon against Lucha Underground‘s Taya Valkryie, after starting the day at Wrestling Revolver‘s Pancakes & Piledrivers event, also at Wrestlecon. She also appeared late last night at WWN’s Kaiju Big Battel. 

This match would have been her fourth match in under 24 hours, and this all coming off news last week that Su Yung had tied the knot with her pro wrestler boyfriend – WWE Superstar and former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann.

So far, word out of Orlando is that Su Yung was fired by WWN (and SHINE) due to the no-show, but whether this is true or not has yet to be confirmed by either side. Some are holding out that perhaps Su Yung was injured in her earlier match against Valkryie. Regardless, there is definitely some missed communication from Yung’s camp to WWN’s.

Su Yung spent a year in WWE developmental in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) prior to it becoming NXT, where she competed as Sonia, before being released in the summer of 2011. She headed to Shimmer, then SHINE, where her good girl gimmick began to sour and she morphed into the demonic possessed anti-hero that has earned her a solid fan base the past year.

We’ll continue to follow the story as it develops.

Photo: Su Yung Twitter

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