WWE NXT Review: The King of Strong Style Comes Home

This is a bit of a different episode from NXT but an awesome one nonetheless. The yellow brand is taking a break from the weekly programming, to air the December 3rd house show from Oskaka, Japan in its entirety. The Shinsuke Nakamura-Somoa Joe title change already aired a few weeks ago in an abbreviated version. But, now we get to see what else went down.

Oney Lorcan vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

Cool moment before the match Almas coming out with his “La Sombra” mask, that he used to wear when he competed for New Japan. Always love when they do something a little different for the foreign crowds. The match was solid. There were some really hard hitting spots and the inverted exploder off the top rope was a great, logical finish to the match. Its not often that a spectacular move off the top rope like that gets the pin and it should more because it can still be believable. A little bit extra time would have done this match a lot though, as it really started to get into high gear and then it kinda just ended.

Rating: C+

Liv Morgan and Aliyah vs Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

Ugh seeing the full two hour show is great and all, but I’m not sure anyone was clamoring to see this. It wasn’t terrible but it was so BORING. I have no reason to care about this because the Royce and Kay vs Morgan mini feud was so bad. Plus, after the last match didn’t feel like it had enough time, this one felt like it had way to much. We could have done without a couple of minutes of the heels beating on Aliyah. Kay and Royce are very easy to dislike, but it’s hard to see them as threats to Asuka. Morgan desperately needs a gimmick change, she’s basically stuck in limbo right now. And Aliyah is too white meat babyface to be interesting.

Rating: D+

Akira Towzowa and Tajiri vs DIY (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Now THIS made watching the full two hours worth it. A great match that played to all the elements the Japanese crowd loves. It was fast paced when it needed to be, technical at other times, and hard hitting too. It was fun seeing the old guard team up with the new in Towzowa and Tajiri and they worked great together. Towzowa is an absuloute badass in the ring that can do it all. While the Japanese Buzzsaw could really still go in the twilight of his career. DIY could have a good match with a pair of broomsticks and this is what happens when you give them two great workers. Even with the match outcome never really in doubt, it was still so easy to get invested.

Rating: A-

Nia Jax vs Asuka (NXT Women’s Championship)

It’s the standard big vs little formula, but it was done in an entertaining way. It could be a bit plodding at times when Jax was on offense, but she really looked like she was beating the hell out of the champion. Asuka’s hope spots were all done really well and they slowly built to her full fledged comeback. It was a different look seeing the dominant star in such peril for the majority of the match and it worked well. Part of being dominant means that you can take punishment as well as dish it out and that’s exactly what she showed in this match. Also, the german suplex was amazing. Just felt like I needed to give it special attention.

Rating: B

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe (NXT Championship)

Seeing the streamers thrown for a WWE match is still surreal. What did you expect from these two? Another great match that the Japanese crowd ate up. There must have been a little of bit of genuine shock at the finish. You can count on one hand the amount of times a title has changed at a house show. Its great that we now have this great trilogy of matches between the pair, each with their own significance. Nakamura wins his first NXT title, Joe gets his revenge, and now Nakamura winning it back in front of his home fans.

Rating: A-

Overall this show is definitely worth a watch. The opener was solid and the 3 title matches all lived up to expectations. Just skip the women’s tag and you’re golden.




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