NXT Review (10/12/16): Sanity Revealed

Sanity Revealed

NXT Review (10/12/16): Sanity Revealed

First round matches in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continue this week. But, all eyes will be on the tag team debut of Sanity, in their opening round bout with Glorious Ten. I’m just glad they’re finally debuting, so their vignettes won’t creep me out anymore when I watch these late at night. Lets get too it!

Glorious Ten vs Sanity

Always great to see two of the best entrances in NXT, Roode’s being my favorite in all of WWE. Dillinger’s hip thrusting was a little weird, but a funny moment nonetheless.

As for Sanity…eh. Not really sure what I expected from them, but the vignettes were so well-made that no matter what, the debut would be a bit underwhelming. The pair just didn’t have the look that I was expecting them to have. But, hey this is the only the entrance were talking about here. Speaking of the entrance, the use of the spotlight was a very nice touch, the music could use some work though.

Now for the match. Man, I get what they were going for with Roode walking out on his partner, I just didn’t like it. Sure, it makes Sanity look like a real threat and Roode reaffirmed the the fact that he’s supposed to be a heel, along with setting up a Dillinger feud. But, it just makes him look so weak. This is a guy you’re going to have to rely on to jump into the main event picture at some point, you just can’t have him run away with his tail between his legs.

In addition, it’s really a shame that we won’t get to see Dillinger and Roode as team. There was an inkling that they were going to lose as soon as it was announced that they were facing Sanity. No chance they have a team they were hyping for so long lose in the first round.

Hmmmm, but with the Eric Young reveal as the leader this just got a lot more interesting. I’m really excited to see them get some promo time in the coming weeks. Young definitely has the chops to pull it off.

Billy Kay and Peyton Royce once again deliver a “Mean Girls” style segment that just doesn’t work. That type of stuff has been done to death with the women over the years and it’s time for it to change. It was bad when Michelle MCcool and Layla did it back in the day, same result now.

Even though he looked weak by walking out. Roode’s great promo skills make me forget about it almost immediately. He did a great job of pulling off the paranoia and guilt.

Billy Kay vs Liv Morgan

WHY ARE THESE THREE FEUDING? The Aussies just decided one day to bully Morgan? It just makes no sense and I cannot force myself to care one bit about this. All three are just OKAY in ring too, so you can’t even rely on that and ignore the terrible storyline.

Rating: D

TM61 vs Tino Sabetelli and Riddick Moss

Another pair from down under. Only these guys are very entertaining between the ropes. But…the match wasn’t very good. Tino is unbelievably green and extremely hard to like. Moss tried his best, but isn’t much better. Not even TM61 could drag a good match out of these “real athletes.” They’ve got a long way to go.

Rating: D

Wesley Blake vs Buddy Murphy

Well that gave this show the shot in the arm that it needed. It was great to see Nakamura back, albeit it was pretty predictable. The show was really lacking in star power without him around for a few weeks. I liked his intensity in going after the security guards and Joe. Seeing new sides of characters are always welcome.

The match was pretty much nothing aside from the dive that so many people can do, that its not really that special anymore. These two going against each other was never going to be a big deal and it wasn’t treated like one

Tonight was a noteworthy show that really lacked inside the squared circle. Sanity finally made it to the big time and the jury is obviously still out on them. Nakamura being back can only be a plus for the coming episodes. But, wow this was one of the worst in-ring shows I’ve seen since I started my reviews. Hopefully, its just a clunker and not a sign of things to come.